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With a Virtual Sommelier and Mixologist, your online program is an experience your virtual audience will never forget as they learn the magic of virtual beverage making. Not only will they enjoy a tasty beverage, but the attendees of your virtual event will gain more confidence as they develop their palate.  Add excitement to your virtual event when you hire a celebrity like Stanley Tucci, Antoni Porowski, Jarrett Holborough, Dale Degroffor or Simon Difford. 


Are You Interested in Having a Sommelier or Mixologist Your Event?

Looking For The Best Virtual Beverage Making Experience?

Napa Valley Wine Tastings & Cocktail Classes

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Bringing a Napa tasting room experience right to your doorstep
…well Zoom Room

‘Holiday Party canceled? ‘Need to plan a happy hour? ‘Celebrating a milestone? Engage your staff with a dynamic Virtual Wine Tasting. Imagine discovering something new every time you sip!

Attendees RAVE about how fun, educational, and engaging our Virtual Wine Tastings are. We can handle groups of 10 – 400+ and have wine packages priced from $75-$200.

Each package can be made up of 3-4 bottles of wine OR choose a gift basket of food & wine! Every guest leaves feeling like they laughed, connected, and learned new wine tips just like they would in a Napa Valley tasting room.

Virtual Tastings last about 40-80 minutes depending on the number of wines tasted and questions. We can be the main event or part of a larger meeting, either way, you will be thrilled with your decision to book!

Option 1:

Find the Perfect Pairing! 

Popcorn, beets, or smoked salmon with wine? Sure! Nothing is off the table.

  • This experience will begin with a scavenger hunt on a search for foods to pair with your wines.
  • Your host, Jaimie Adler,  a Napa Valley Wine Specialist,  will then guide a tasting of wines and suggest pairings based on what you’ve found in your scavenger hunt.
  • By the end of this experience, participants will have tasting notes on all the wines and an understanding of how to curate pairings with a wide variety of food types.

Option 2:

Craft Your Own Wine Cocktails

Learn to artfully create wine cocktails that highlight the flavor profiles of Napa Valley wines.

In this experience, you will learn to prepare different types of cocktails and sangrias with a white, red, and rosé wine. Together, you’ll cover tasting notes used by professionals, but use them to discover more about your own taste to create cocktails with wine. Sangria is a popular one, but we won’t stop there. Choose whichever spirit you like and your host will have the perfect drink ideas for you!

  • 3-4 bottles of wine per participant
  • Additionally, a list of suggested ingredients to have on hand for the experience will be emailed to you.
  • At the end of this experience, all participants will have notes on the wine selections and recipes they can repeat.

Rob Floyd

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There isn’t a moment of the day that Rob Floyd doesn’t have a cocktail program pouring drinks. He is currently training over 2000 mixologists and bartenders across the globe. His trademark training program gives bars, lounges, and hotels the opportunity to increase revenue, employee retention, and guest satisfaction. When he isn’t in the field conceptualizing new programs or training staff, you can find him on a myriad of hit TV shows including Bar Rescue, read him in magazines like Maxim and Esquire, or find him live on stage performing his signature production, Cocktail Theatre.

Why choose Rob Floyd for your next virtual event?
  • RFE owns and operates its own TV Grade Studio 24/7 – giving us complete flexibility for your schedule
  • Professional lighting/sound/cameras – no grainy image or sound hiccups from shooting on a phone or laptop
  • Professional Film Crew – Live streaming is trickier than it sounds. You need the right bandwidth to make it happen without glitches and our crew monitors our stream every second of a shoot
  • Green Screen capabilities for the ultimate branding experience – ask us how we can enhance your next event
  • He does this all the time! Rob Floyd has hosted nearly 50 virtual events in the last three months.


Michael Green

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For the last 25 years, Michael Green has traveled the world, creating unforgettable food and wine experiences for companies and private groups of all sizes. Allow Michael to bring this experience to you virtually. Michael allows you to reconnect with your friends and colleagues uniquely and entertainingly. You will share in building your wine vocabulary, delve into food pairings, and expand your overall appreciation of the beauty of wine. And most importantly, you’ll be doing this all together.

This experience is a video-enabled virtual dialogue where everyone learns something new about wine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We’ll taste wine together, get and give live feedback, and spark social conversations.  


Chocolate & Wine

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Get ready to be entertained and inspired with a sophisticated, highly creative, and incredibly memorable chocolate and wine experience in the comfort of your own home with international chocolate celebrity Paul Joachim. Provide your wine, chocolate, and ingredients, or order a custom tasting. Then join Paul for an individualized pairing experience that is exhilarating and delicious.

A Taste of Paris

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 Michael brings Paris to your your event with an alluring combination of multimedia, local foods, and French wine. Experience the essence of Paris – with its chic cosmopolitan vibe, history and culture.

During A Taste of Paris, you’ll share Michael’s passion for the city and its history. You’ll enjoy a balance of sightseeing and savoring with French wine and cheeses.  Every experience offered is an opportunity to connect with your friends, family, clients, or colleagues. Experience a night in Paris through the lens of food and wine.


  • Taste two wines from France
  • Pair wine with cheese and charcuterie
  • Learn more about the cheese and wine producers
  • Marvel at the iconic Eiffel Tower
  • Stroll on the celebrated Champs-Élysées
  • Peek into the Moulin Rouge
  • Savor the views of the Sacré-Cœur

The Cheese Course

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It’s no secret that wine and cheese can make a perfect duo – a plate of tempting savory cheeses and a great bottle of wine is often at the heart of some of our most memorable experiences. The explosion in artisanal cheese production in recent years bringing countless new flavors to the table, navigating the cheese aisle can elicit the same intimidation factor once reserved for the wine shop!

Let Michael help you make sense of it all through a tasting of some of the most luscious and wine-friendly cheeses from producers around the world. Learn about the history and production of a diverse and tempting array of cheeses in an event that is sure to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of cheese as well as sharpen your acumen when it comes to picking cheeses you will love.


  • Taste three different types of cheese
  • Learn about the producers and tasting notes
  • Learn the history of cheese and how its made

Inga Tantisalidchai

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Inga Tantisalidchai was recently listed as one of the top 100 World Class Bartenders. As an Award-Winning Mixologist, she enjoys being a finalist, and often winning numerous national bartending competitions from New York to California. Bacardi, Papas Pilar Rum, and Espolon Tequila are just a few contest sponsors where she has excelled and blown away the competition. This master mixologist loves to create custom cocktails with her unique creativity and ship her pre-made mixers for your guests’ enjoyment. Her cocktail demos are fun, engaging, and can be interactive. She brings the party to any virtual event.

Eben Freeman

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  • Eben Freeman has worked in the New York food and beverage industry for nearly two decades. He become a partner in Hell’s Kitchen, The Collins Bar. There, Freeman developed his first cocktail program and spirit selection. He joined the team at wd~50 when it opened in 2004.
  • Possessing a thorough understanding of wine, spirits, and classic cocktails, Freeman’s innovative, cutting-edge drinks employ the latest scientific methods focusing on fresh ingredients, underutilized spirits, and a playful, culinary character. He met Pastry Chef Sam Mason while managing the bar at wd~50; they opened Tailor, which was known as much for its food as for its imaginative cocktails.
  • In 2010, Freeman signed on as director of bar operations and innovation at Altamarea Group, where he joined forces with Michael White to open The Butterfly. This bar featured all of Freeman’s greatest cocktail hits. Freeman left his position with Altamarea in 2014 and presents with the chic design and concept firm, AvroKo as beverage director.

Tom Surgey

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Tom Surgey is an energetic, confident wine expert, presenter, and natural communicator with a sense of humor and an abundance of charisma.

Tom’s body of work is extensive: he is one of the Three Wine Men, lead presenter for the Pingza wine app, co-founder of Battle Of The Bottles, a BBC Sussex wine expert and presenter of British Airways’ wine events. Alongside his media work, Tom is an active and highly-regarded trade sales consultant to premium wine businesses.

Tom has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and is a bright, vocal champion.

Laurie Forster

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Laurie Forster is one of America’s leading wine experts and author of the award-winning book The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine. Laurie is a Certified Sommelier, National Speaker, and TV personality who is not afraid to tell you her first wine came from a box. Her edgy approach to demystifying wine caught the eye of major networks and led her to guest appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, FOX Morning News and Martha Stewart Living Today.

Forster is also the host of The Sipping Point, and her mobile application “The Wine Coach” was listed as one of the Top 8 Wine Apps in Wine Enthusiast. Laurie’s wine career began in Manhattan, a former software sales executive, where she studied with the American Sommelier Association to obtain her certificate in Viticulture and Vinification. Laurie has since earned an Advanced Certificate with Merit from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET). She has also trained with the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.

Suds Up!

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Just 20 years ago, the phrase “American craft beer” might have sounded like something of an oxymoron – how times have changed! The past decade has seen a thrilling explosion in micro-brewing in the United States. Whether they are rediscovering old-world brewing styles, or innovating new methods and tastes, today’s beer makers are serving up a stunning array of thoughtfully crafted and mouthwatering brews.

With so many choices, no one could blame you for needing some guidance! Let Michael help you make sense of the scene, tasting through an exhilarating variety of styles from brewers on the cutting edge of the craft movement, discover what makes each beer unique, and find out what’s on tap for tomorrow in the world of American craft beer.


  • Taste through a flight of craft beers
  • Learn more about the producers
  • Learn about the history and how beer is made
  • Discover new trends in craft beer

A World of Whiskey

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Whether it‘s the exploding small batch bourbon scene (and the innumerable cocktails they have inspired) or the lively discussion that comes with debating the best Irish whiskey, brown spirits are on a roll! Some of the finest new products in the beverage world are the domain of these beloved liquors, and knowing the difference between bourbon whiskey and rye, or Canadian whiskey and American whiskey, can be the key to finding a brown liquor that fits your palate.

Join Michael for a spirited tasting experience, with the chance to sip through an array of up-and-coming whiskeys and brandys, as well as some old favorites that are winning over new fans.


  • Taste through a number of whiskeys
  • Pair wine with different foods and charcuterie
  • Learn more about the producers
  • Learn the history of whiskey and how its made
  • Expand your knowledge and vocabulary in brown spirits

Raising Spirits

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One day, a bottle of Fernet Branca is collecting dust behind the bar, and the next, it’s the toast of the town – when a spirit is hot, it’s hot! But with new products launching by the dozen, and long-forgotten elixirs finding new flavors, it can be tough to keep up. How can you tell a flash in the pan from something worth sipping?

Not to fear – Michael has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the ever changing spirits game. Taste through the most exciting spirits that are making their mark on the scene. From small batch bourbons to liqueurs that will take your taste buds to bold new places, experience the best of what today’s spirit makers and innovators have to offer so you can stay ahead of the curve!


  • Taste through specialty made cocktails
  • Learn more about the producers
  • Learn how to create your own personalized cocktail
  • Expand your vocabulary and knowledge in mixology
  • Explore new spirits and liqueurs

Jeremy Allen

Jeremy Allen has been working in bars and restaurants his whole life as a Mixologist & Award-Winning Sommelier since 2003. He has done time under James Beard Award-winning chefs in both LA and Minneapolis and is a CMS Certified Sommelier with a Wine Spectator Award. He has been the general manager of MiniBar Hollywood since it opened in 2015. MiniBar has earned multiple awards, nominations, and recognitions, including shortlist for Best Hotel Bar West Coast from Tales of the Cocktail. Jeremy is currently helping set up and open Little Dom’s Seafood new location in Carpinteria.

Morning Blend

Learn how to brew the best cup of coffee at home, from
the comfort of your own kitchen. In this virtual barista
class, we’ll demystify the coffee brewing process and
teach you how to brew on devices like a pour over and
french press. Learn tips and hacks on how to make your
morning joe look just like your favorite Starbucks
order, without all of the fancy equipment.

Other classes include: Espresso Drinks – Learn the difference between a macchiato, cortado, cappuccino and more! Iced Coffees Galore – brew the best iced coffee then mix it up with new recipes and flavors for some added excitement in your mornings.

Scottish Whisky

Transport yourself to Scotland with this unique and interactive Whisky-tasting experience with three Scottish
kilt-wearing lads. Production includes virtual distillery tours, comedy skits, educational elements and client participation.
Our whisky experts will guide guests how to nose and taste four single malt whiskies from each of Scotland’s
main whisky-producing regions.

Wine Wiz

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Wine Wiz is a virtual team building wine competition that fosters interaction and connection.

Add an element of both friendly competition and interaction to your next virtual company event. Find out which of your friends is the true Wine Wiz with a series of fun wine related trivia games and activities.

All guests are ranked in a live leaderboard and can engage with your event through their mobile phones.

We put your wine knowledge to the test with:

  • Blind Tastings

  • Wine vocabulary

  • Wine Regions & Famous Estates

  • Vintages

  • Pairings

Small Batch Bourbon

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The small-batch bourbon scene is exploding! Knowing the difference between bourbon whiskey and rye or single barrel versus small-batch, can be the key to finding a brown liquor that you’ll love.

Join Michael for a spirited tasting experience, with the chance to sip through an array of small-batch bourbons, meet the masterminds behind them, and connect with friends, family, colleagues, or clients in a fun new way. Whether you’re new to the bourbon scene or an experienced drinker, you will have a newfound appreciation for the beauty of small-batch bourbon.

  • Taste through a number of small batch bourbons
  • Pair wine with different foods and charcuterie
  • Learn more about the bourbon producers
  • Learn the history of bourbon and how its made
  • Expand your knowledge and vocabulary in brown spirits

Chocolate: Bean To Bar

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For thousands of years, people around the world have had a sensuous and sumptuous delight in chocolate, and today we are once again living in something of a chocolate renaissance. Chocolatiers are rediscovering the art of making chocolate, with the confection itself being lauded as everything from a health food to an aphrodisiac.

During this event, you and your guests enjoy one of the world’s most beloved foods.

Michael guides you through a tasting of some of the finest chocolates in the world, in all the delectable forms that it can take. Discover how each chocolate’s origins, cacao content, and other factors contribute to create its unique taste.

  • Taste three different types of chocolate
  • Learn about the producers and tasting notes
  • Learn the history of chocolate and how its made
  • Enjoy connecting with guests

How to Use a Virtual Sommelier and Mixologist

Appreciation Event

For all organizations showing appreciation is vital. When people feel valued and appreciated they are more likely to be engaged and recommend you to others. These VIP’s can learn the art of virtual beverage making.

Virtual Fundraiser

Your fundraiser may have moved online, but that doesn’t mean it lacks excitement and interactivity. Impress your donors when you add the art of Mixology and learning to make a perfect cocktail.


Team Building with Taste

Corporate team-building experiences have been around for years. They use solving a problem together to teach communication, valuable skills, teamwork, and community. When the challenge at hand is making delicious cocktails, you have a recipe for success.

Virtual Happy Hour

Add something entertaining to your next virtual social gathering. Perfect to end a virtual conference, or a special event for clients or colleagues to build relationships.  

Meeting Opener

Kick-off your company/executive virtual conference with a Sommelier or Mixologist teaching your attendees how to make the perfect cocktail.


Employee Fun Night

Are you looking for fun events to provide to the employees of your company? Enjoy an interactive cocktail lesson from a professional virtual mixologist. You will also learn some fun facts about the beverages you’re enjoying.


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