Have you seen the Amazing Christian Art from Joe Castillo?

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Have you seen the Amazing Christian Art from Joe Castillo? Christian Art can be found in Sand Animation using SandStory consists of sand art images created by Joe Castillo as he draws in sand with his hands on a light table. The live performance is choreographed to live or recorded music, performed live on stage and video projected on a screen for large audiences. ArtStory is a spoken messages illustrated by Joe Castillo on a 4′ x 8′ easel. WordStory is a spoken message by Joe Castillo given with storytelling drama. Joe Castillo is perfect for any Christian conference, conference, outreach event or church service needing Christian Art.

Joe Castillo is one of the first and the premier sand animation “SandStory” artist in the world today. He as inspired millions of people through his Sand Animation and introduced many to this new art form. He has become an internet phenomenon as millions of people watched his Amazing Sand Drawing on YouTube, Google and Americas’s Got Talent. Joe Castillo is an internationally known artist, author and storyteller with a passion for promoting a ministry using the visual arts as a way of touching the heart. He has been seen live in all 7 continents, over 43 countries, and into 35 different languages.  He has performed for world leaders and churches across the country.

Christian Sand Art is also Christian Art

The Passion

[vimeo 48216974]

A dramatic depiction of the betrayal, beating and crucifixion of Christ performed to the powerful music of Mel Gibson’s motion picture, “The Passion of the Christ.” This presentation has been used effectively as an outreach and evangelistic presentation.

Your Grace Finds Me

[vimeo 77488758]

Joe Castillo artfully brings the lyrics of Your Grace Finds Me (Matt Redman) to life, creating beautiful images and ideas that express the music more fully than just the notes on the page or words being sung.

God’s Love Story

[vimeo 82434998]

From the beginning, God was love. And ever since, weaving through history God reveals his lavish, abundant grace on the world he created. In the splendor of his creation, in the tender compassion of his provision, in the heartbreaking mercy of his sacrifice God demonstrates his love. How can anyone communicate this extravagant, amazing grace to an audience at one sitting? If there was only one opportunity to share this love story with the world how could it best be told?

Story teller and artist Joe Castillo through the captivating new art form tells God’s love story illustrated by his heart touching, “SandStory” performances. This journey combining story, music and powerful illustrations becomes the finger of God that touches the soul. “God’s Love Story” as told by Joe Castillo is a  SandStory journey from Genesis through the Resurrection. It is a hold your breath, mouth open, heart pounding, life changing event.


[vimeo 82468844]

Six days of creation…plants, fish, birds, animals…ending with the creation of Adam and Eve.

The Story of Immanuel

[vimeo 82469343]

From the appearance of the angel to Mary, Mary and Joseph’s travel to Bethlehem to the birth in the stable. A touching story for the Advent season. This presentation has been used effectively as an outreach and evangelistic presentation.

The Prodigal

[vimeo 43764221]

The struggle of wilfulness, rebellion and failure overshadowed by the power of grace, forgiveness and love based on the parable of the prodigal son. This performance can be used as a time of restitution and healing.

A Baby Changes Everything

[vimeo 79874791]

A touching SandStory of the song by Faith Hill about how much a pregnancy and a child changes things. And the eternal change made by the birth of Christ.

God  Bless the USA

[vimeo 82468843]

Lee Greenwood’s classic patriotic song done in Sand with images of the flag, our finest and the statue of liberty.

Custom Worship Sets

SandStory can be performed with selected worships songs performed by your musician or worship team.

Joe Castillo is the creator of SandStory a unique way to use Sand Art as a form of Christian Art.

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