What is “ArtStory”?

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ArtStory Presentations by Joe Castillo

The Face of Christ: (35-45 min.)


[youtube lRjDQhNmzK0]

A message of forgiveness and hope as demonstrated by the life of Christ and the story of this very unique drawing. Inspiration for churches, conferences and recovery groups.

The Lord is my Shepherd: (35 – 45 min.)


A story of walking through difficulty and the valley of the shadow of death in the care of the shepherd as described in the 23 Psalm. Support for grief and addiction recovery groups.

Moses: (35 – 45 min.)


The challenges of leadership depicted by the life of Moses, one of the worlds greatest leaders. Motivation for pastors, leadership teams, and conferences.

Mary: (35 – 45 min.)


Learning servant-hood through the sacrificial life of a simple peasant girl who was used by God to bring the greatest gift to mankind. Encouragement for volunteer teams, workers and mission trips.

In His Arms: (35 – 45 min.)

The value of children illustrated by the lives of child heroes whose courageous exploits are recorded in the Bible. Fun for children, teachers and a powerful pro-life performance.

Paul: (35 – 45 min.)

Taking up the missionary legacy as lived out by Paul, the greatest missionary of all time. Motivation for outreach, evangelism and missions.

The Greatest Gift: (35 – 45 min.)

A Christmas story illustrating how the tale of the babe in the manger is not complete without the cross. The greatest story told in a unique new way.

The Four Gospels: (35 – 45 min.)

This educational drawing teaches the uniqueness of each of the four gospels and why they are different. Good for classes, conferences and Bible study groups.

A Servant to the World: (35 – 45 min.)

The power of hospitality and its ability to reach people from any where in the world.


“ArtStory & WordStory” requirements:

ArtStory requires an 4 foot x 8 foot wall or easel onstage that can be seen well without video projection for an audience of approximately 150 – 200 people. In larger venues a video camera and projection screen is recommended. The only other requirement is a lapel or ‘ear’ microphone. Each ArtStory presentation lasts approximately 35-45 min. The signed and dated artwork is done on canvas and is available for sale after the performance.

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