Halloween Outreach Ideas to Liven up Your Event

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Written by Tim Grable


August 5, 2017

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Halloween Outreach Ideas to Liven up Your EventDo you have an event coming up and need Halloween Outreach Ideas that are a little outside the box? If you want more than carved pumpkins, plastic spiders and corn-shaped candy for your upcoming Halloween occasion, why not consider hiring live performers? Whether it is magicians, stand-up comics, performance artists or musical humorists, live performances can reach your audience and keep them entertained no matter what your Outreach Ideas need to be for the evening.

While a dry speaker alone might not be able to hold a crowd’s interest for very long, particularly if it is a young audience, a comedian or illusionist can entertain a wide variety of people and get them invested and more open to what the speaker may have to say. That is one thing that makes comics, musicians and other similar live performers perfect for Church Halloween Events. Below are some performers who might be just what you are looking for.

Ideas for Harvest Festivals and Halloween Outreach Events for Churches

There are many ways of entertaining Halloween outreach events for churches. You can go the route of live music and a clown, but these are all modestly suitable at best. If you are looking for a sound, way of invigorating a fellowship group, then you may want to consider Christian comedians. Nothing will cheer the spirit better than wholesome, clean laughter. Halloween is just around the corner, and you can bet that comedians during Halloween outreach events for churches will be a surprising mixture of tricks and treats. Below is a list of reputable entertainment and their styles.

Steve McGranahan - Nails

The first of our Halloween Outreach Ideas is Steve McGranahan, a down-to-earth, country gentlemen with a particular approach to laughter. Not only does he incorporate his faith in his sets, he does so with a distinct correlation to those things that can make anyone giggle. With his creativity in comedy, he uses the oddest items at times, and this always seems to grab an audience’s attention. You simply never know what he’ll do or what he’ll do it with. Steve is the muscle of Fat N’ Furious on Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays.

Dealing With Kids. Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow is a stand-up comedian with four children, all boys, ranging in age from four to seventeen. That fact is at the root of many of his comedy routines, as the trials and pitfalls of having four boys under the age of eighteen in one house are many.  Daren Streblow was never popular in high school. Let’s face it, not everybody is, and this quality of his personality results in some seriously fun laughter. Being supposedly “uncool” is obviously cooler than we thought. Daren is a professional that has grown up from the boundaries established by our social experiences. It is these social standards that Daren’s comedy makes fun of. Surely, Halloween outreach events for churches will give comedian Daren Streblow plenty of things to discuss at your Harvest Party.

Taylor Mason - Peter Pumpkin

Have you ever met a pumpkin that could talk? That is a great Halloween outreach events for churches. Taylor Mason is not only a funny guy, he is also a ventriloquist. He invites people from the audience to join his set, and the talking pumpkin at the mic is always skeptical of them. Dave, the talking pumpkin, will excite all ages. So what better way is there to move a crowd on Halloween than with a pumpkin that talks and has an excellent sense of humor?  Taylor Mason is a stand-up comedian with a ventriloquism and music-based routine. He does bits specifically about Halloween, but also a wide variety of other topics. He is also a very gifted ventriloquist. Taylor can be seen in the movies “Bananas” and “Thou Shall Laugh.”

Joby Saad - Ice Cream

Call Joby Saad the village idiot. He is not a basic person, however. Joby’s comedy is full of the personification of our silliest characteristics as human beings. If you like laughing at the shortcomings of humanity, then Joby is the comedian to choose. He recollects life from a position of stupidity that rings at the heart of every person and nation.

If you are looking for a comedian to host memorable Halloween outreach events for churches, make sure to consider these professionals. Their experience is unmatched and will provide you with entertainment beyond your expectations.

Magical Halloween Outreach Ideas

Adam Trent: 2016 EPK

Talk about a magician with a great comedic style! Adam Trent not only has a magical assistant to aide him in his lively and magical showcases, but he is inherently hilarious. The youthful persona he portrays connects with all walks-of-life. His broad collection of magic tricks will be suitable for your next Halloween event!

Magician Justin Flom LIVE Show Highlights - Promo

Justin Flom is a performing magician who specializes in street magic. He is been featured as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show. He has a web series called “Magic Block Party.” One of his most famous tricks is “Water to Coke,” where he turns an ordinary bottle of water into a bottle of soda.

Josh Jordan is a self-described illusionist. When asked to explain what that means, he says that he is “kind of like Criss Angel, except I do not wear mascara.” Part of his act hinges on pretending he has bungled an illusion, only to have it turn out to be much more impressive than it began.

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience - No Greater Love EPK

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience is part of what they call a “Christian Performance Art Ministry.” The performance is based solely on large finger paintings done by Marc Eckel. He dips his fingers into color after color and produces realistic images on black boards using nothing but his hands. He does not speak while he paints.

Whether you are looking to astound, amaze or amuse your audience, this group of performers has something for your audience. If you need to fill time and keep your crowd engaged to reach them with your Halloween Outreach Ideas, look no further.

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