Which Were the Best Singers from The Finals of America’s Got Talent

america's got talent singer

Written by Tim Grable

July 23, 2022

Over the years, America’s Got Talent has featured many performers, each eliciting a different emotional response from the audience.

Out of all of them, however, it’s safe to say the best singers were the ones who connected with the public, taking them on a roller coaster of emotions.

Today’s article is entirely dedicated to the singers from AGT, to showcase whom we consider the best singers who graced the show’s stage.

Terry Fator

Terry Fator has become a household name in the Got Talent franchise. He has been on the show multiple times as a participant or special guest performer.

However, way back, during the early days of America’s Got Talent, Terry Fator decided to audition in hopes of showcasing his talent to a worldwide audience.

He participated as a ventriloquist, but what made him stand out was the fact that he added a musical twist to it. This unusual combination struck a chord with the audience as they grew fond of the singing dolls and his incredible vocal abilities.

Kodi Lee

We can’t have a top list without mentioning the most recent champion of the series. Kodi Lee is an astonishing singer, and on September 18, 2019, he was declared the winner of the 14th season, having garnered the most votes from the public.

Kodi has quite an endearing story, which shows that hard work and dedication can surpass any obstacle. In Kodi’s case, they were two-fold as he was born blind and would later be diagnosed with autism.

It seemed the odds were stacked against him, but Kodi’s love for music prevailed, and his success on America’s Got Talent is a testament to all his hard work.

Jackie Evancho

Before participating in the competition, Jackie’s singing career was already taking off; however, it’s undeniable that it gave her a platform to gain more exposure and mature as a performer.

To give you an idea of how good she was, we will only mention that she was accused of lip-synching during one of her performances.

Jackie later debunked these accusations, as she had an impromptu performance to demonstrate she was genuine through and through.

Darci Lynne

Darci Lynne is a ventriloquist and singer who won the 12th season of the show. Like Terry Fator, whom she said was her idol, she combines singing and ventriloquism, having the puppets do the singing for her.

This dynamic allows her to adopt different personalities through her puppets and sing in different registers – doing a raspy boyish voice and even a convincing impersonation of a lady.

Her singing and performer abilities made her run on the show a complete breeze, getting even a Golden Buzzer.

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