4 America’s Got Talent Acts Everybody Loved

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Written by Tim Grable

November 6, 2017

Have you ever watched America’s Got Talent acts and wondered how it would be if you managed to book that talent?

At Grable Group, we are often trying to answer this question since we do have a consistent list of artists who’ve performed on the show.

They are right within your reach, plus they will be a valuable addition to your show due to:

  • Previous media exposure.
  • Having had contact with a large-scale event.
  • Their insight into production aspects.

Former AGT participants possess that extra charisma and showbiz know-how which comes with performing in front of a live show audience and millions of TV audience members.

With that in mind, we thought of assembling a handy list of 4 different performers who fared well on AGT and are also bookable via our agency.

1. Comedy: Matt Geiler

If ‘iconic’ is the kind of comedy you would like for your next event, Matt is your person. You may not be familiar with his full name, but you might have heard of his creation – the viral Dancing Pumpkin meme.

It turns out, 11 years after its moment of glory, he made an appearance at this year’s edition. People were beyond ecstatic that such an iconic figure was back.

4 America's Got Talent Acts Everybody Loved

However, the best part is yet to come: Matt is much more than a meme character. He is actually a skilled comedian, singer, writer, and producer. His specialty is musical improv comedy – something which is bound to get an event’s audience invested from the very beginning of the act.

2. Variety Act: Dana Daniels

Seen onStand up Live, America’s Got Talent, Evening at the Improv, CBS Morning Show, NBC’s Comedy Club, News Radio, Masters of Illusions, Lance Burton’s Magic Special and the best selling clean comedy DVD series “Thou Shalt Laugh”, Dana Daniels has a unique brand of smart stand-up comedy magic which helped appear on The Illusionists Tour and America’s Got Talent.

His strongest asset is excelling in both magic tricks and comedy – all wrapped up in a flawless presentation which plays well with glammed up events. The fact his is also widely acknowledged, and award-winning professional is a good explanation of his out-of-the-box act and widespread appeal.

His secret ingredient? The capacity to reinvent himself. As seen here, for instance:

Dana Daniels: America's Got Talent

3. Music: Recycled Percussion

Tired of the same old kind of music for hire?

One of America’s Got Talent acts – which won America over and performed in the finale – has developed a new music entertainment formula.

Their act will keep people on their feet with striking percussion performance, skillful beatboxing, and surprising props to level it up.

4. Speakers: The Passing Zone

Do you need original corporate keynotes on:

  • teamwork
  • work-life balance
  • taking risks?

The Passing Zone will deliver just that and some more: they will use their juggler skills to demonstrate the topics in creative ways.

You can judge by one of their America’s Got Talent acts:

America's Got Talent 2016 The Passing Zone Hilarious Carnies Pull One Over Full Judge Cuts Clip S1

It takes real talent, confidence, practice, and ingeniousness to put together this kind of performance and turn into quality, relevant material for corporate keynotes.

More America’s Got Talent Acts?

We have got you covered.

What we featured in this article is only the tip of the iceberg. Many other impressive and diverse acts can be found on our lists – and we are here to help you choose, depending on your location and the artists’ availability.

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