8 Amazing Corporate Entertainers Bound To Offer Your Guests A Great Time

Erik Wahl

Written by Tim Grable

November 24, 2019

Every event organizer wants the event to turn out perfectly. However, there are many things to keep in mind to do that.

Besides the organizational aspects, there’s something that usually gets forgotten by many event planners out there.

You can measure how good an event is by the audience’s excitement. 

We are talking about the entertainment aspect and trust us when we say many attendees are going to appreciate your event, even more, when it promises to be fun.

In simple terms, if the entertainment value is high, then you’re guaranteed to have a satisfactory response from your guests. And in turn, there’s a high chance your event will have very positive results.

To make sure you make the right choice of entertainment, here are 8 amazing corporate entertainers you can hire to make your event more appealing to your guests.

1. Leigh Rubin

Leigh Rubin is a cartoonist and a master in utilizing the pencil to bring to life some thought-provoking pieces of art.

He has been working since the ’70s. Throughout the years, he has ascended to legendary status as a pop-culture cartoonist. His comics have become known worldwide for their tongue-in-cheek jokes and tasteful humor.

Leigh has found renewed energy as a sit-down comic, entertaining guest in the same fun spirit that his comics have been known for many years.  It’s not hard to see why he is on our list of amazing corporate entertainers,

Leigh Rubin, 4 Amazing Corporate Entertainers Bound To Offer Your Guests A Great Time

2. Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is the result of an unusual combination between a firebrand artistic spirit and a stern results-driven mindset. He is a performance artist who aims to inspire his viewers to come out on top in whatever situations they may find themselves in.

He has worked as upper management in a corporate firm and has found art to be the best medium through which he can share his vision with the world.

He creates all sorts of abstract visual arts and translates them into a message of positivity for everyone to hear. And his art serves as a metaphor for the core values he wants to deliver, such as creativity, innovation, and change.

Erik Wahl

3. Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson is one of the amazing corporate entertainers you can have at your event. He is a master of all trades, being able to combine stand-up comedy, magic, and motivational speaking flawlessly.

As a master-class speaker, he delivers some inspiring speeches, which will surely have a positive impact on your guests. Not only that, but his abilities as a comedian and magician only enhance the event experience.

In less than an hour, his master-class blend of comedy and magic will surely stick to your audience, and not long after, they will be asking for more!

Tim Gabrielson

4. Bob Losure

When it comes to offering guests an incredible experience, no one does it quite better than a professionally trained emcee. And bonus points if that emcee is Bob Losure.

Many may recognize Bob from his time on television, where he worked as an anchor for CNN News. Nowadays, Bob is a motivational speaker and cancer survivor, giving speeches on how to cultivate hope and overcome fear.

He is also a very outspoken political commentator, serving as a voice for moderate leaning principles and advocating for less politically-driven narratives in media.

5. Evan Money

Evan Money can very well be considered a modern-day Renaissance man. By working with him, you get a bestselling author, an entrepreneur, a producer, a bodybuilder, a health expert, and an inspirational speaker.

Daily life is indeed riddled with challenges, and special action is needed to come out on top. With his specialized keynote titled “Take Action Now,” Evan shares actionable tips on how to be an active individual and kick procrastination out the door.

Whether bringing him on stage to deliver facts about nutrition, cancer prevention lifestyle or how to live a happy marriage, Evan is always prepared to provide a well-researched and motivational presentation.

Evan Money Amazing Corporate Entertainers

6. Eddie Osterland

Eddie Osterland is widely known as America’s first Master Sommelier, a distinction held only by 200 individuals worldwide.

Eddie is a wine aficionado and one of the most amazing corporate entertainers.  His presentations are both educative and entertaining.

Eddie believes in the power of entertainment, and he trains leaders to develop a friendlier attitude and become more approachable for their clients.

According to Eddie, one of the best ways to do this is to take your clients out for dinner. As a master sommelier, he even knows which wines to buy to influence people’s decision-making process.

7. Ken Dychtwald

Ken Dychtwald is a go-to visionary and economic thinker. He’s one of those keynote speakers you would want to have on stage to educate your guests on a wide range of topics.

One subject he is most passionate about is the problem of aging and the implications it has on the entire U.S. society. The country is facing real issues regarding its aging population, and Ken uses his experience to address them.

He has been in the biz for more than 35 years and has come to be seen as an authority on the topic of retirement by helping baby boomers and Gen Xers to plan and have an ideal retirement.

His work has redefined the lives of many elders and has offered them newfound purpose in life after retirement. If you decide to have him on stage, his keynote would surely have a long-lasting impact on your guests.

8. Jeff Allen

Always providing his audiences with clean humor that resonates with most everyone, the highly-acclaimed Jeff Allen is a real gift to the comedy world. Appearing in diverse venues ranging from Dry Bar Comedy, Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” to the National Prayer Breakfast, Jeff is a welcome breath of fresh air. Always clean and ALWAYS funny, Jeff Allen is available for corporate events and other bookings.

Comedian Jeff Allen is living proof that comedy does not have to be crude to be funny. Whether he is discussing the hilarious contrast of emotions he felt on that faithful day when his AARP card arrived in the mail or sharing his humorous takes on marriage, parenting, and child rearing, Jeff Allen highlights the funny side of everyday life in a way that is entertaining, relatable, and safe for the entire family.

The Best Place to Find Amazing Corporate Entertainers

Corporate entertainment is good for business, and working with the right entertainers is a step in the right direction.

A good entertainer can change the way your guests perceive your event. It can be argued that entertainment is perhaps the most important part of an event.

Don’t overlook the benefits of hiring any of the entertainers for your event.  At the Grable Group, our portfolio features some of the most amazing corporate entertainers in the industry. Call us right away at 615-283-0039, and let’s work together to bring the best entertainment to your event.

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