Here Are The Best Dance Acts From America’s Got Talent

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Written by Tim Grable

August 12, 2019

Have you ever watched a highly-entertaining act on America’s Got Talent and wished you were there sitting in the audience to see all the details of the performance and feel the energy?

When an act is truly exceptional, like the top dancers we’ve included in this article, you want to see it in a live setting.

Got Talent is arguably the most popular talent show on the planet. And over the years, it featured numerous performers from all walks of life.

From this entire pool, some of the most loved performances are the dance acts. The reason behind this is simple, as dancing is entertaining to watch, and it touches the viewer’s heart.

If you’re looking to entertain large groups of people, America’s Got Talent is the best place to search for inspiration.  If you also loved these dance groups, then this article is for you. In the following paragraphs, we remember some of the most beloved ones from the show’s entire history.

Top Dance Acts on AGT: Which One Would You Like to See LIVE?

We’ll let you in on a secret, people have always been interested in dances. So if you’ve been keeping an eye on AGT, then you know dance groups have always been very successful throughout the show’s history.

That is why, to illustrate this point better, we’ll present you 8 of the best dance teams which have been on the show.

1. V. Unbeatable

V. Unbeatable is a dance group from Mumbai India which rocked the 2019 edition of America’s Got Talent. From their first performance onward, they became a favorite of both the audience and the judges.

In fact, during the auditions, they received a standing ovation from the entire audience hall. Judge Dwyane Wade was so impressed by their performance he awarded them with the Golden Buzzer, sending them into the Quarterfinals.

During the final legs of the competition, they already established themselves as one of the most spectacular dance acts which honored the AGT stage.

2. Light Balance

Light Balance’s show combines high-tech neon and LED with elements of acrobatics and dance choreography to create a highly-visual experience which sparks your imagination – making you believe in the impossible.

With their performances, they manage to tell a different story every single time, and each one of their shows always seems new and unique.

Their incredible talent and creativity took them into the finals of America’s Got Talent, season 12, and helped them finish the competition among the top three.

Their perfectly-executed choreography from the last episode of the season received standing ovations from all the judges.

Watch it in the video below:

3. David and Dania “Quick Change”

Years ago, when AGT was a new show barely coming out of production, dancing wasn’t getting mainstream attention and enjoying the level of popularity it’s enjoying today.

Back during the first season, David and Dania would showcase a quick change act that would rely heavily on dancing.

David and Dania, Here Are The Best Dance Acts From America's Got Talent

While their act was not exclusively about dancing, it was undoubtedly an integral part of the performance. It was fast-paced, and it involved both David and Dania synchronizing their moves with precision.

Also, the music was spot on, as it added an extra layer of entertainment to the whole performance.

Their performance marked a significant moment in the show’s history – being almost an omen for the many great things which were to come.

4. Fighting Gravity

Formed in 2009, Fighting Gravity is a black-light dance group, whose show captivates audiences

Their act makes use of the black-light type of illusions to create almost fantastic dance routines.

Also, if you’re wondering what black-light illusions are, imagine the entire audience hall is in almost complete darkness. They use this element of darkness paired with fluorescent costumes to draw attention to the dancers.

Meanwhile, behind them, there’s an entire team and a whole set of props which help them create some remarkable shows

5. AcroArmy

Who doesn’t remember AcroArmy? They are an acrobatic dance group that aims to create some of the most complicated dance routines ever performed on screen.

They’ve entered in America’s Got Talent history when they participated in the 9th season of the show. Back then, they put on incredible performances, even from the auditions.

As they progressed through the competition, they offered more and more, with their last performance being an absolute show-stealer.

6. Catapult Entertainment

Catapult Entertainment is a dance group that performs live shadow dances. If you’re wondering what shadow dances are – it’s a dance style where only the dancer’s silhouettes are visible.

This style of dancing allows for performances to go in a more fantastic direction and leaving many aspects of it to the viewer’s imagination.

Catapult Entertainment

Catapult Entertainment showcased their incredible act on America’s Got Talent. It was something new people have never seen before, and they appreciated it.

Catapult Entertainment was so successful with their shadow dance that they made it into the finals.  Howard Stern even said it was one of the best acts which have ever come on AGT’s stage.

7. D’Angelo and Amanda

D’Angelo and Amanda, a fantastic ballroom dancer duo, competed in season 8 of America’s Got Talent, finishing the competition among the final 12.

Despite their young age, the two impressed everyone with their extraordinary talent, stage charisma, and unbelievable dance skills. The judges also praised them for their chemistry on stage, as well as their poise.

Watch them perform in the finale of the competition to see D’Angelo and Amanda’s dazzling dance floor moves!

Can you tell that the two have been dancing together for more than half their lives?

8. Team iLuminate

At first thought, dancing and software engineering have nothing in common.

However, Miral Kotb, who has studied both Computer Science and dance, managed to mix the two and create something spectacular: Team iLuminate.

The dance group uses iLuminate technology, a technology that enables the person wearing it to light up upon command, to create stunning images – and an overall atmosphere of magic.

On America’s Got Talent, they made it into the final four. Their final performance was one of their top dance acts and showed them dancing to “Feel So Close” in the dark while wearing suits that lit up.

Check it out.

9. David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s

What do you get when you combine live painting with dancing? Top dance groups which stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression on those watching.

David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s were a painting dance group that competed in season 7 of America’s Got Talent.

The group dazzled the judges with their unique synergy of music and art and their live speed-painting demonstrations.

For their final act on the show, Garibaldi painted a portrait of Albert Einstein upside-down, while dancing with its crew to “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

Check out their routine in the video below and see how painting to the rhythm of music can be elevated to an art form.

10. The Untouchables

Back in 2012, America’s Got Talent had a lot of solo acts, and many felt that it needed something a bit more cinematic. When The Untouchables appeared for auditions, they brought that much-needed element bravado and theatrics.

The Untouchables was comprised of 19 child dancers who had the audience hooked since their first appearance. During the auditions, they ignited the stage with their fiery dance moves over the tune of Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor.”

Their performances throughout the entire season were phenomenal, and their larger than life act managed to take them into the finals. They ended up finishing in the 6th place, but at that point, they have already won the audience’s favor.

11. Kenichi Ebina

For long-time fans of the series, the name Kenichi Ebina surely rings a bell. He is the winner of the 8th season of America’s Got Talent and has remained in the show’s history as one of the most distinctive dance acts to come up on stage.

We’re saying this because Kenichi has brought a twist to the dance formula, combining elements of acting, miming, freestyle, and hip-hop, to which he adds a flavor of Japanese folklore.

Dance Acts From America's Got Talent

12. Diavolo

It has been 3 years since season 12; however, the memory of some performers is still fresh in the minds of many adoring fans. This is also the case of Diavolo, the acrobatic dance group, which made it into the top 10’s of that edition.

Ever since their audition, they hooked fans with some out of this world dance routines. Yet, their most impressive performance would have to be the one during the finals.

In their final performance, two acrobats would dance in front of a door before opening and revealing more dancers. And they even used a giant structure which would rock back and forth, while they would dance around it, with thunderous themes playing in the background.

An act of such magnitude doesn’t go unnoticed, with some even calling it “the most dangerous performance on America’s Got Talent.”

Give Your Guests the Chance to See Top Dance Acts from AGT

A live dance act can turn a good event into an extraordinary one and provide a memorable experience for your guests.

Dance crews have always been a highlight on America’s Got Talent. So the reason for this is that people enjoy watching graceful and innovative dance moves.

For an event organizer, this is excellent news. You can hire a dance group to entertain your guests for your upcoming shows.

If you’re organizing an upcoming event, then consider hiring a dance group for the entertainment segment. And if you’re curious where to find performers on the same levels as those seen on America’s Got Talent, then you’re in luck.

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