Top 10 Best Music Acts From America’s Got Talent

Kechi Okwuchi

Written by Tim Grable

August 13, 2019

AGT is the place where talents from all over the world come to test their mettle. Over the course of the show’s history, we have got the chance to see some of the best performers out there.

There have been many types of performers competing for the top prize on America’s Got Talent – but throughout the years, it has had no shortage of talented musicians.

The audience and judges have widely praised many of the music acts which have been on AGT. And if we were to judge by how the last few seasons fared, it’s safe to say that music is quite at home on the AGT stage.

Considering how music has been such a defining factor for the show, it’s important to talk about the musicians who made it all happen.

This time, we’re taking a look at the musicians who graced the stage of AGT. So in the following article, we will showcase 10 of the most memorable music acts the audiences had the pleasure of seeing.

1. Laura Bretan – Season 11

Laura Bretan is a young opera singer who took the music industry by storm. She is fondly remembered by the viewers of America’s Got Talent, as no one expected a frail child to have such incredible vocal chops.

When she first auditioned for the show, everybody could feel her shyness – yet, it all went away when she started singing. Her opera voice filled the entire audience hall, and it gave shivers to everyone.

Laura Bretan, 4 Of The Most Beloved Musicians From America's Got Talent

Her performance was an absolute wow moment – even seasoned opera singers would envy her. The judges noted that they were astonished. So much that Mel B pressed the Golden Buzzer in Laura’s favor.

2. Cami Bradley – Season 8

Calling Cami Bradley, an incredible musician, would be an understatement. Words can’t encompass her level of skill and the intensity of the performance she manages to pull off.

When Cami goes on stage, she isn’t there to sing but to create an entire musical experience. She’s primarily a singer, but she also knows how to play the piano – and doesn’t shy away from singing and playing at the same time.

Cami Bradley

She has a very imposing presence with an extensive vocal range, being able to go from highs to lows without effort.

Auditioning for America’s Got Talent was a great move on her part, as she got the chance to showcase her incredible talent to the entire world!

3. Chase Goehring – Season 12

Chase Goehring is a young singer/songwriter who stole the hearts of both the audience and judges, during the 12th season of AGT.

Before pursuing music more seriously, he was a student who often played guitar and sang out of passion. It turns out he made the right choice because his talent was too good to be left as a hobby.

The judges of AGT echoed on this sentiment, as they came to appreciate his voice, guitar skill, and ability to perform. So much that judge DJ Khaled pressed the Golden Buzzer.

People were not expecting this, but the truth is that it was a well-deserved award. Chase lived up to the praise and put on some incredible performances through the entire leg of the show!

4. Grace VanderWaal – Season 11

When you see a 12-year-old girl go on stage with her ukulele, it’s hard to resist not going “awwww!” – Don’t let Grace’s age and frail appearance fool you. This young lady can play, and she’s quite passionate about it!

Grace VanderWall made her big debut when she auditioned for the 11th season of AGT. During this phase, she performed an original song called “I Don’t Know My Name,” and it left audiences applauding and chanting her name.

The judges were impressed as well, Simon Cowell even going on to say she may very well be the next Taylor Swift. This is flattering indeed, but Howie Mandel sealed the deal when he pressed the Golden Buzzer in her favor.

5. Michael Grimm – Season 5

Michael Grimm is a singer and songwriter who debuted on the show’s stage during the 5th season. He is remembered for his soulful and incredibly emotional guitar covers of many popular American hits.

He has managed to impress judge Sharon Osbourne and her husband Ozzy, who was not affiliated with the show, but declared he was rooting for Michael.

In the later stages of the show, he upped his guitar game and put even more passion into it. His final performance is perhaps the most viewed in the entire show’s history, with 16.41 million viewers tuning in to watch.

6. Forte – Season 8

Forte is a trio of tenors who dominated the eight season of AGT with the power of their thunderous and compelling voices.

They have a fascinating story behind the inception of the group, the three meetings for the first time only a few days before their audition on America’s Got Talent – effectively meaning that they almost went blindly into the competition.

Many people were skeptical about how their performance would turn out, but Forte would prove them otherwise. They would pass through the auditions in a blaze of glory, receiving standing ovations from everyone.

Further on into the competition, Forte’s performances would only get better, taking them into the finals.

Which Are The Best Music Acts That Have Ever Been On America's Got Talent

7. Kevin Skinner – Season 4

It’s no secret; music acts make up a majority of the contestants on AGT. And because of this, the competition between them is way fiercer. A musician has to bring something off-the-wall to impress the audiences and the judges.

Kevin Skinner auditioned for AGT back in the fourth season of the show, and he brought the spirit of American country music with him.

True and heartfelt country music hadn’t yet been featured on the show. And Kevin brought it in all its glory by signing performing some heartwarming covers of American classics.

Kevin’s performances were so inspiring, and he eventually won the entire 4th season.

8. Bianca Ryan – First Season

Bianca Ryan is perhaps one of the most influential musicians in the entirety of AGT’s history. To better understand this, you have to look back at the show’s beginning.

We are talking, of course, about the very first season of America’s Got Talent, which served as proving grounds for many artists at the time.

Bianca Ryan was among the first musicians who participated in the show. And her combination of pop and R&B was something the judges and the American audiences hadn’t seen yet.

She soared throughout the competition and eventually won, paving the way for many aspiring musicians to showcase their talent on AGT.

9. Neal Evans Boyd – Season 3

Season 3 of America’s Got Talent saw the show already maturing and becoming a household name on American television. Due to the success of Season 2, this one saw a boost in applications, with a record number of contestants auditioning.

With such a high competition, the battle for the final prize was even more intense. Perhaps for others, but opera singer Neal Evans Boyd it was a chance to prove his incredible talent.

His booming voice and passionate delivery enthralled both the judges and the audience. Everyone had to concede he was the clear winner.

10. Kechi Okwuchi – Season 12

From surviving a plane crash as a college student to singing on the big stage of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Kechi Okwuchi is indeed a remarkable young woman with a moving voice. After finding solace in the art of music as she undertook over one hundred surgeries and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas, Kechi began to find her passion. With an inspirational story and a powerful voice, there’s no doubt that she is sure to shine at your next event and connect with the audience and inspire them making her one of the best singers on AGT.

Music Acts America’s Got Talent, Right at Your Event

AGT proves musicians can put on an amazing performance, and even the softest voices can have a more significant impact on an audience than a larger than life stadium band.  Without a doubt, music is a defining part of AGT, and it would be hard to imagine how the show would have been without it.

If what you’ve read about these musicians seemed impressive, then wait until you hear them play live – that’s where they truly shine!

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in having them perform live at one of your upcoming events, then why not book their services?

If you would like your event to have musicians as amazing as those from AGT, then we can assist you with that. Give us a call at 615-283-0039, and we will gladly help you find the best musicians for any of your upcoming events.

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