How America’s Got Talent Finalist Can Create Sand Art For Your Event


Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

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One of the most captivating sources of entertainment to consider for your event would be that of a SandStory artist. Sand art is a live presentation that tells a compelling story through sand. It’s carefully crafted with sand, a glass surface, lighting and mood enhancing music.

How An America's Got Talent Finalist Can Create a Sand Story For Your Event

Photo Credits: Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an artist, author, and storyteller with a passion for touching hearts through his artistic impressions. What began as an afternoon trip to the hardware store turned out to be the catalyst that enabled Joe to touch the lives of thousands of people throughout the years. He’d gone to the hardware store to get a few items his wife needed. He returned with a bag of sand, a light fixture, a piece of glass and four table legs.

Since that trip to the store, Joe has reached the masses with his sand art, including becoming a finalist in America’s Got Talent 2012. His performances around the globe include Fortune 500 companies such as CBS, NBC, TED, BBC, Walt Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Apple and over 30 corporations in more than 18 countries.

The unique thing about sand art is that no matter what language the audience speaks at your event, Joe is able to reach the souls of the audience. He creates powerful messages through the illuminated sand scenes. They’re usually displayed on a big screen for the audience and infused with music that helps bring those scenes to life. The SandStory needs little to no spoken words because Joe has an inexplicable way of reaching all languages through his amazing talent.

3 Benefits of Joe’s Performance For Your Event

The obstacle in booking entertainment for your event is always the fear of choosing one that won’t reach the audience. Joe’s performances don’t merely reach his audiences from around the globe. They speak to their very beings. Here are 3 benefits that Joe’s talent will bring to your event:

1) Create A Memorable Impression

Whether the occasion is corporate, charity or celebration, it will hold a lasting impression with the attendees. One of the most difficult tasks to accomplish is providing a memory that lasts months, even years after an event. Joe’s talent for reaching the core of his audience creates that memory with every single person who sees his performance.

2) Establish Presence, Trust & A Connection

Not only is a lasting impression important, but being able to truly establish your brand, charity or honor the attendees of an event is equally valuable. When the entertainment is moving and manages to touch each and every audience member, it shows that you went the extra mile when planning.

When people feel honored and/or valued, it establishes trust with them. You, your business or your charity will stand out as a respected entity. This creates an invaluable connection that may certainly aid in your future endeavors.

3) Trigger Motivation, Epiphanies & Creativity

SandStory art is an experience. Because there are few words spoken, except perhaps in the accompanying music, each person observes, feels and interprets the performance from deep within their subconscious. Because of this, Joe’s performances trigger inspiration, prompt epiphanies and spark creativity. Through his performance, the story comes to life in your mind, according to how you interpret it.

Joe Castillo and his SandStory performances are humble, heartfelt scenes that will surely touch the hearts of each and every one of your guests at your event. To view some of Joe’s performances and to find a list of sand art performances be sure to visit this page.

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