4 Of The Most Memorable Semifinalists From America’s Got Talent

Eric Jones

Written by Tim Grable

August 1, 2019

America’s Got Talent is coming close to finding its 17th season winner and what a ride it has been this entire time.

The show has showcased some of the best talent out there and made stars out of the winners. However, getting to the semifinals is no fluke either, and the acts which managed to get that far are really incredible in their own right.

This is why, in the following article, we’ll try something different. Let’s have a look at some of the most memorable semifinalists from the show’s history!

1. Junior New System

Coming from Manila, Philippines, Junior New System is a dance group which can take over any stage with their incredible dance moves and bouncy rhythms.

Junior New System has been around for quite a while, yet they gained mainstream attention with their debut at the AGT auditions.

There, they took to the stage to an already fiery crowd. Everyone’s expectations were about to be shattered when the music kicked in.

Junior New System had the entire crowd cheering for them. So after the auditions, they went blazing through the whole season, eventually landing in the semifinals.

2. Eric Jones

Eric Jones has become a household name in the talent-show industry. He has been on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Comedy Central, Master of Illusion and just about any show you could name.

Wherever he performed, he left the audiences dazed and confused with his incredible magical acts. Here’s an example: one time he was walking off-stage into a mirror, ready to slam into it. He simply passed through it and disappeared.

4 Of The Most Memorable Semifinalists From America's Got Talent

Or, when he was in the semifinals of AGT, and he put the judges to sign his cards. So then, when he smashed Simon’s buzzer, only to reveal it was hiding that exact card.

How did it get there? We don’t know either, but it’s impressive!

3. Billy & Emily England

Billy and Emily England are a brother and sister roller-skating duo. Their story started when they were as little as six years old – back then, their mother bought them a pair of roller skates to keep them outside of the house.

Billy & Emily England

Who knew a gleeful hobby would eventually become their career? Because since then, Billy and Emily would practice with earnest intent and take their roller skating skills to a whole new level.

Every time they performed, they managed to get crowds to cheer for them in unison. The same thing happened back in season 12 of AGT, where their graceful roller skating show would propel them right into the semi-finals.

4. Blake Vogt

Regular viewers of America’s Got Talent will most likely recognize Blake Vogt.  He was referred to as “the allergic magician” during the show’s 11th season.

He said he’s allergic to rabbit fur (and almost all types of birds), so you know, from the get-go, he isn’t the type to pull rabbit-out-of-the-hat kind of tricks on the audience.

Instead, Blake does all sorts of other crazy tricks – he rips cards into pieces and then puts them back together, he sets props on fire, only to bring them back from the ashes.

Back in 2016, it was during the semifinals of AGT he performed one of the most mind-boggling magic tricks which pinned his name in Got Talent history. So if you’d like to see, you can do so by clicking the following video:


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