Art Ministry Ideas to Take Your Worship Service to the Next Level

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Written by Tim Grable

February 25, 2017

Art Ministry Ideas to Take Your Worship Service to the Next Level Are you looking for a new way to engage your community in the Gospel message? Integrating performing and visual arts into your service, conference or other ministries can be an effective way reach your community with something different and exciting. This kind of ministry can be difficult to plan so you will need some great art ministry ideas to get started.

Integrating performing arts into your services can bring many benefits. Often, your congregation can be in a rut. They know what to expect when they show up for Sunday service. Bringing in a performing arts ministry challenges your group to hear the Gospel message in a new way by disrupting their expectations of Sunday service. Many Sunday services are very auditory with only music and a sermon. This tends to leave out people who are more visual or kinetic. A performing arts ministry can go beyond the auditory and speak to people in the language of art and motion.

Here are few excellent art ministry ideas. These artists use their talents to produce live works of art that communicate the Gospel message in a new way.

Amazing Art Ministry Ideas

Marc Eckel

Once an illustrator for General Motors, Marc has been using his artistic ability to spread the Gospel since 2000. Using basic artistic tools, Marc creates an inspiring painting in a live performance. Marc has performed nearly 900 presentations at venues all over the world.

The Sacrifice

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience - The Sacrifice

This performance starts off by depicting a man enslaved by sin. Marc gradually transforms these sins into a beautiful representation of Jesus Christ on the cross. He then invites the audience to place their hand print on the work to symbolize their union with the sacrifice of Christ.

Above All

In this performance, Marc invites the audience to reflect on the identity of Jesus Christ and his relevance to their lives. With a moving musical setting, Marc creates an inspiring representation of Jesus Christ to show that he is, above all.

Joe Castillo

Your congregation will be thrilled by SandStory, Joe’s unique method of storytelling using sand and light. Joe uses sand on a light board to create stunning visual stories that deliver a powerful message. A finalist on America’s Got Talent, Joe has performed around the world in many different venues.

The Least of These

Joe uses sand, light and music to depict a beautiful story about the compassion of Jesus. A mother and child stranded in the desert receive help directly from the hands of Jesus. This presentation will remind your congregation of the necessity of caring for the poor and vulnerable.

He Is Alive

In this performance, Joe tells the compelling story of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth using his unique sand animation. The moving presentation will engage your congregation in the central story of the Christian faith.

Performance art is an incredible way to add some excitement and energy to your Sunday services. Artists Marc Eckel and Joe Castillo can provide stunning artistic presentations that engage and challenge your congregation. These art ministry ideas are just the beginning. There are many ways you can incorporate performing and visual arts into your services.

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