How Astonishing Christian Sand Animation can Blow Your Mind

Joe Castillo Daystar

Written by Tim Grable

September 10, 2017

How Astonishing Christian Sand Animation can Blow Your MindJoe Castillo didn’t know he would start Christian Sand Animation,  a new art form performance, when he went to a home improvement store only to notice sand spilling out of a bag with a slit. The scenario sparked an idea and Castillo returned home with sand, glass, four table legs and a kitchen light fixture, with which he created his first light table. Once he turned on the light and spread out the sand, his creativity and imagination kicked in.

Who has the best Christian Sand Animation?

Joe Castillo told BibleStories before he was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, he revealed his versatility and showed how his sand artistry moves even jaded judges. Joe Castillo’s hands create not only art, but also engenders an emotional response with his unique form of Christian art sharing Stories in Sand.

Old Testement Stories in Sand | Joe Castillo

Using his hands, sand, light and music, Castillo deftly creates one image that morphs into another as he tells the story. In this video, Castillo starts with the sun, stars and God pointing to the earth. With a few creative strokes, the concept of deep space becomes the tree of life and the Eve’s choice. A moment later, water ripples under the clouds and Noah’s Ark floats. Castillo’s artistry combined with the soft lights and music draws the audience into the presentation of Old Testament Stories and leaves them silenced with awe as the message makes it final impact.

Castillo began telling Old Testament Stories and depicting events through his sand art until he now he reaches people around the world with his artistry and presentations. He has performed his SandStory artistry for diverse groups from auditoriums of individuals and families to motivating presentations for those who work for Fortune 500 companies, Apple, CBS, the Walt Disney Company and many other organizations, charities and more.

The teachings of Christ espoused by the Royal Rangers come alive in the hands of world renowned sand animator and performer Joe Castillo. Using nothing more than his hands, a light table, sand and inspirational music, Joe creates beautiful scenes while telling a story at the same time. His hands deftly travel across the table, sometimes adding sand and other times expertly spreading it around. He moves quickly and confidently through his storytelling, making everything from mountains to a walking stick appear in mere seconds from the layer of sand.

Royal Rangers Promo 2014 by Joe Castillo

The simplicity of his sand art serves as an excellent illustration of how walking with God can help young men navigate the perils of the modern world. Boys face daunting challenges every day, with Satan trying to tempt and destroy them. Fortunately God’s servants are here to instruct them on how to grow into men of Christ. With guides like the Royal Rangers, these boys can find the strength and determination to spread the Word and become lifelong servant leaders.

The Royal Rangers serve as a robust tool for teaching young men about the power they have to act as God’s servants. They have outposts all around the world in numerous different denominations, and can provide the flexibility to adapt to local cultures, customs and individual personalities. Every person is unique, and so is each Royal Ranger outpost. Chartering your own boundary can be an opportunity to influence the next generation and become one of the shepherds that are so perfectly depicted in this video.

Joe Castillo brings to life Jesus’ powerful healing of the Gadarene madman who is set free from the chains of his addiction by the love of Christ.

Gadarene Madman a SandStory by Joe Castillo

The healing of the man from Gadarenes, found in the New Testament, is a story which has been told and retold by generations of Christian artists using many different mediums. Joe Castillo, a master storyteller and innovative Christian Sand Animation artist, provides his own retelling of the story in a stunning visual narrative entitled “Release from the Chains.” As an engaging piece of artistry unfolds, the animation powerfully communicates both the desire and ability of Christ to set men free from their oppressions and struggles which chain them down in life, and shows that Christ truly can turn a person’s sorrows into joy.

Joe Castillo found his way through the wilderness and back to the path of God in much the same way as this video shows. He graduated from Florida Biblical College and the Ringling School of Art, spent twenty years in advertising, and then returned to religious studies. Joe received his M.A. in Biblical Studies and Master’s in Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. His work has been seen in over 43 countries on all seven continents, and by audiences that range from CEOs to kings to the finals of the television show America’s Got Talent. The motivational message in this video is an honest and moving testament to the power we all have to help one another.

Castillo came from a bilingual family, spending his formative years in cosmopolitan Mexico City with its deep historical art culture. His artist mother and his father who owned a graphic design company gave him a home filled with creativity and imagination. In fact, early on, Castillo designed a comic book that combined art forms.

Not all Castillo’s presentations include events and stories from the Bible. But those he does are deeply meaningful. Castillo believes that each person has been given a gift of creativity. The key is to share that gift, something he continues to do as he inspires and encourages people around the world.

Sand Animation

The unique medium entails using a lighted table containing a layer of sand. Using this set-up, Joe Castillo effortlessly creates detailed images by merely manipulating the grains of sand with his hands atop of the table. With simple techniques that resemble drizzling, finger-painting and pushing sand from one area to another, Castillo magically transforms plain sand into intricate patterns and images that he then morphs into other patterns and images.

During his performance, all of Joe Castillo’s movements and images are projected on a screen behind the artist. When witnessing one of his inspiring performances, audiences watch in awe as the artist tells a story while a musical track plays. Joe Castillo is the premier SandStory artists in the world.

International Motivational Performer

Joe Castillo soon learned that his skill in telling a visual story transcends the spoken word. He has delighted audiences with his unique methods of storytelling in more than 43 countries on all seven continents. Joe continues making personal appearances and recently shared his time and talents to entertain members of a number of Fortune 500 companies that have included:

* The American Entertainment Conference-Las Vegas, Nevada
* Apple Computers
* Proctor and Gamble
* Walt Disney
* Ford
* Sony
* Kimberly Cark
* Mercedes Benz
* GMC Sierra

SandStory Book: How Sand Changed My Life by Joe Castillo

SandStory Book recounts the fun, fascinating and inspirational story of how sand transformed one man’s life.  This book takes the reader on a journey of how artist Joe Castillo combined his love of art with storytelling during his teen years to becoming a world renowned storyteller. Of all the mediums available to artists for creating images, Castillo chose simple grains of sand. Using an illuminated light table filled with a layer of sand, Joe effortlessly creates detailed images by merely manipulating the grains of sand with his hands atop of the table. With simple techniques that resemble drizzling, finger-painting and pushing sand from one area to another, Castillo magically transforms plain sand into intricate patterns and images that he then morphs into other patterns and images.

For information on booking the Christian Sand Animation of Joe Castillo call 615 283 0039.

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