5 of the Best Female Entertainers Making History

jessica haas

Written by Courtney Grable

March 5, 2018

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Looking for an entertainer for your next event? Tired of the same old, boring faces? In need of a powerful woman with talent and a story to tell? Look no further than here! These five female entertainers are making history and paving the way in a traditionally male-dominated profession…entertainment. And they are doing it all with poise, practicality, and positivity through struggles, all while never ceasing to put on a spectacular performance no matter the circumstances. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your introduction to your next entertainment booking.

Which Female Entertainer to book?

NBC’s America’s Got Talent season 12 superstar, and America’s sweetheart is back again. From auditioning with a tear-jerking performance of Christina Perri’s song Arms dedicated to her father struggling with colon cancer, to stealing the show in the finals a week after her father passed away.  Evie Clair has proven herself to stay consistent in blowing the audience away and delivering a breathtaking and moving performance, even when the world seems to be crumbling apart around her. From singing, piano playing, and a story that stole the hearts of Americans everywhere, Evie Clair is a well rounded young woman with poise and grace. She has proven herself to be every bit as professional, if not more, than her fellow singers and female entertainers.

Another America’s Got Talent veteran, Kechi Okwuchi has a story every bit as unique and inspiring as Lady Liberty herself. She was only a college student when her plane crashed in Nigeria when she was just sixteen years old. 107 people boarded the airplane, but only two people walked off. Kechi was one of those two people. When in the hospital she underwent over 100 surgeries to heal the burns suffered from the crash. Music and singing became the escape for this female entertainer. Now, twelve years later she has come to share her story and sing her heart out, bringing the audience to tears with heartfelt covers of Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and many more.

jessica haas, 5 of the Best Female Entertainers Making History

Create a stunning painting in under five minutes. Ready? Set. Go! Too hard of a feat? That is okay; there’s only one person who can do that in not only under five minutes but is also the fastest entertainment painter in the entire world, not a country, the world. Who is this up and coming young female entertainer, you may ask? Jessica Haas, America’s first female speed painter. Quite the Renaissance women, she has appeared on fast-paced family game shows such as ABC’s The Gong Show as well as speaks around the world to women about God’s Word. Whether you are going for high energy entertainment or heartfelt messages that hit home, Jessica Haas is the one to book!

She is an internationally known female entertainer that’s sweeping the stage with her relatable comedy and entertaining stories. She is a mother, a wife, a female comedian, and a speaker. What more could you want? Critically acclaimed as one of the funniest female comedians out there, she grasps her audience with stories of her childhood and life as a woman. Appearing on popular shows such as The Late Show, The View, The Late, Late Show, and so many more, Cory Kahaney is no stranger to the spotlight. Within ten minutes, she will have you laughing along side her as she takes you on a thrilling journey through her life experiences as a female comedian. And even better, it is all corporate clean! Book Cory Kahaney today!

Visualize in your mind what you are holding right now, and we shall tell you what it is. Is it a tape measure? No? Okay, well that is embarrassing. So not everyone can mind read, but you know who can? The Evasons, a mind-reading duo. However, the real star of the show is Tessa, a world-renowned mind reader. Appearing on channels everywhere from NBC to the Discovery Channel, her supernatural abilities are no secret. She will have the audience on the edge of their seat in no time with acts that captivated and immerse others into the world of The Evasons. Exciting, interactive, and award-winning, this act is everything you need for your next event!

As you can see…

Step aside men of the past! These female entertainers are sweeping away audience’s worldwide in their history-making acts. So whether it is singing, speaking, painting, mind reading, or comedy you are looking for, one thing is for sure, these females dominant in their performances. No matter who and what you are looking for, The Grable Group has them all. Don’t forget to book your next entertainer today!

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