Top 11 Of The Best Singers From All Seasons of America’s Got Talent

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Written by Tim Grable

November 10, 2017

In the last decade, the showbiz industry created hundreds of TV shows and programs for the viewers to enjoy. Some get cut after a short period; some endure the test of time.

That said, it is fascinating to wonder why America’s Got Talent is still hanging around and even draws such a huge interest.  It is not only about the outstandingly talented people who get involved in winning the top prize. It is also about their stories and their journeys.

Regardless of the occasion, music is almost always well received by the audiences. The best example of this can be seen throughout the seasons of America’s Got Talent, where the audience is moved to tears by some truly heartwarming performances.

Lots participate, but few get to leave their mark in the viewers’ hearts.  We have taken the liberty to showcase some of the best singers from the show’s history – we believe made an impact on the show.

Top 8 Of The Best Singers From All Seasons of America's Got Talent

1) Darci Lynne

In Darci’s case, it is quite easy to find highlights – after all, she is the winner. This means her abilities have been remarked on and validated by millions of people who were willing to make an effort and vote for her act.

Darci is bound to be the headliner of a Las Vegas show, and she is proved she has what it takes to run a sold-out:

  • not just singing, but ventriloquism-singing
  • poise
  • command of the stage
  • finely executed novel concept
  • interaction with the audience.

Darci could have successfully competed as a singer by herself, but she used her talent to bring something on top of her vocals.

A performer like her will have any audience pay attention from start to finish, staring in bewilderment at how she manages to juggle so many skills with such ease.

2) Evie Clair

Aged 13 by the time she auditioned for season 12 of America’s Got Talent, Evie Clair was no stranger to stardom, since she has established herself as an emerging star at the age of 8.

However, previous accomplishments are not a prerequisite for landing in the top 10 at AGT – especially in the case of talented singers. Her complex piano skills, pure voice, and inspiring passion managed to transcend the screen and win the hearts of Americans.

3) Angelica Hale

At only 11-years-old, Angelica Hale is the first person in the world to receive the Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent – twice.

If you don’t know this already, The Golden Buzzer can be awarded once by every member of the judge, and it’s a ticket that sends contestants straight into the finals of the show.

Angelica Hale won the first Golden Buzzer in the 12th edition of the American’s Got Talent when she was nine. Despite her young age, Angelica wowed the jury with her sweet personality, intelligence, and flawless vocals.  It was all those qualities that brought Angelica to the finale of season 12 that ended with her as the runner-up.

Two years later, she’s back on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, a show which features the most talented contestants from previous AGT seasons. This time around, Angelica sang the Fight Song and got everyone to stand up and cheer for her.

Howie Mandel was so impressed by her powerful performance he sent Angelica Hale directly to the final of the competition. Watch the incredible moment in the video below:

4) Chris Kläfford

Chris is a Swedish singer who can envelop the listeners into a swirl of emotions with his soothing voice.

He had his first taste of fame back in 2017 when he was declared the winner of the thirteenth season of the Swedish Idol show. Following his successful breakthrough, he went on tour, having one sold-out concert after another.

After a short while, during the auditions of the 2019 edition of America’s Got Talent, he performed a soulful rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” which propelled Chris yet again into the spotlight.

5) Grace VanderWaal

It takes courage to step in front of a crowd. However, at only 12 years old, Grace VanderWaal had no hesitation whatsoever. The moment she stepped on the stage of America’s Got Talent, she was all smiles.

Only the best singers out there can get the audience 100% involved in the performance. Her radiant smile, combined with an incredible set of vocal chops, made the audience fall in love with her instantly.

By the end of her short musical, everyone was clapping and singing along with her. As Howie Mandel put it, her performance was a miracle!

6) Christian Guardino

Sometimes, all it takes for a singer to have an audience spellbound is just outstanding presence and jaw-dropping vocal skills.

This is precisely what Christian Guardino proved during his audition for season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

As soon as the melody kicked in, he had all the judges and audience gasping in admiration for his raw talent. Plus, he is ‘a natural’ and feels at home while singing on a big stage, as you can see from his golden buzzer-worthy act:

7) Anna Clendening

It is a well-known fact that music has the power to heal. Anna Clendening is a living example that there’s truth to this claim. She turned to music as a way to overcome her severe anxiety and depression.

Her big debut would come in the 9th season of America’s Got Talent, where she sang an extravagant and emotional cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Later on, when she matured as a singer, she decided she would want music to be a significant part of her entire life. With the boost of confidence and exposure she received from AGT, her dream came closer to reality!

8) Kechi Okwuchi

Many times, music can be a healing agent. So when an inspiring story doubles it, sound plays right at the heartstrings of the listeners. Kechi Okwuchi brought both the inspirational aspect and the marvelous vocals to season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

Her soothing voice transgresses the TV screen and the songs Kechi sings get a whole new meaning when you learn she is a plane crash survivor.

9) Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes is one of the best singers from the 9th season of AGT. His music is like a rollercoaster of emotions, starting as echoey and moody, only to pick up the pace and be more explosive towards the end.

During the audition rounds, he came up on stage, singing a breathtaking rendition of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” His performance was very well-received, getting thunderous applause from the audience.

His passion for music comes from a very ardent desire to prove himself and to inspire others to push towards making their dreams a reality.

10) Bianca Ryan

As the very first winner of America’s Got Talent at the age of 11, you’d expect her to have smooth sailing the rest of her life, right? Well, that’s anything but true for singer Bianca Ryan. After being at the seeming peak of her career as a teenager, she discovered that a virus wreaked havoc on her vocal cords, so much so that she was in danger of never being able to sing again. However, after surgeries on her stomach and vocal cords, her range miraculously and remarkably increased. Now, she is stronger than ever, even coming out with a new album. With her entire future ahead of her, it’s exciting and interesting to see what she’ll conquer as her life progresses.

11) Christina Ramos

There are just so many Spanish opera and rock singers out there, right? Wrong! It’s such an unlikely pair that there’s only one that we know of, and that’s Christina Ramos. However, just because she’s the only one doesn’t make her merely a subpar, but unique act. No, she’s remarkable, even astounding the judges of Got Talent of Spain…that’s not an easy feat by any means. All that to say, Christina Ramos is undeniably one of the critical musicians to know from America’s Got Talent the Champions. Her talented ranged and a variety of music will engage the audience in a way other musicians could only dream of.

Why You Should Hire the Best Singers

Music plays a big part in making any occasion worth remembering. As an event organizer, it’s best always to have it as a priority.  If AGT teaches us anything in this regard is that music has a very powerful effect on the audience. Be sure not to miss the chance to hire some of the best voices out there.

America’s Got Talent – An Event Planner’s Talent Finder

When you are looking for entertainment for your events, a fresh strategy is following AGT closely to spot those acts which bring an exceptional feel to the stage.  What music artists and stand-up comedians are you supposed to get to perform at your next event? Don’t worry! We’ve got that all under control. We’ve compiled a list of the best music acts to know.

You want the best of the best to charm your guests – and America’s Got Talent is a perfect starting point.  From the big stage to your event, every one of them has a passion for the art of music and a bright path ahead of them.

We, at The Grable Group, can provide you with singers of the highest caliber. If you are interested in book one for your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help gladly assist you!

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