Why Booking tell*A*vision for Your Next Event Will Wow Your Guests


Written by Tim Grable

May 29, 2017

tell*A*vision is short for ‘the telling of a vision’. There’s a high chance you have never seen anything like it. In fact, they are an innovative type of entertainment which took America’s Got Talent by storm back in 2013.

They combine powerful messages with state-of-the-art technology to offer a unique experience to their viewers.

Their concept of entertaining was so appreciated, they have won the Best New Innovative Event Product/Service at the 2015 Special Event Gala Awards.

Read on if you would like to learn more about tell*A*vision and how you can book their show for your next event.

An Immersive Experience Which Will Amaze Any Crowd

Words do no justice to their show. Instead, take a look at this presentation clip, to better understand what kind of entertainment you will be reading about:

Each of their shows tells a different story. Each of their stories includes both a human touch and cutting-edge technology.

This duo promises an innovative type of entertainment which is also inspiring. It gives birth to the best kind of emotions: excitement, amazement, love, happiness.

In case you are wondering how tell*A*Vision manages to pull off such a performance on stage, without tripping over wires, you should know they use wireless displays. They use these displays to reproduce a highly impactful live moving story.

The team behind this unique type of entertainment has already worked for companies like:

  • Phillips
  • Allstate
  • IBM
  • Astellas
  • Cisco
  • Choice Hotels
  • Comcast
  • Hewlett Packard.

They have also performed for:

  • Rachel Ray
  • Dream Foundation’s 12th Annual Star-Studded Gala Opening Performance
  • Unite 4: Humanity Inaugural Gala Opening Performance
  • International Indian Film Academy Award Show with Priyanka Chopra
  • The 2014 Flag Handover Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games.

The People Behind tell*A*vision

Dorene Collier is one of the brilliant minds who came up with such a unique concept of entertainment. She has been involved with entertainment production for over 25 years, as a performer, teacher, producer and creative director.

Event Show Productions, an entertainment company she started over 23 years ago, has delivered entertainment for massive events, such as NFL Championship, Fortune 500 companies, Harrah’s Casinos, Outback Bowl and Pro-Am.

Then we have AJ LeBlanc, the technical director at ESP. He is a Video Production expert focusing on incorporating cutting-edge technology into uniquely entertaining on-stage shows. He is also a featured editor for national recording artists and Fortune 500 companies.

For What Type of Events Should You Book tell*A*vision

Why Booking tell*A*vision for Your Next Event Will Wow Your Guests

Because they use bleeding edge technology to create an immersive experience, their performance is best suited for corporate events.

You can book them to present the launch of one of your new products. You can book their show to send a new brand message. Alternatively, you could ask them to help you explain your company’s vision for the future to all your employees and competition.

Having tell*A*vision at your event is an exquisite and smart way of being unique and bold. Not just your employees will be amazed, but even your competition would understand that you mean business.

If it sounds exciting for your event and you feel like they are the extra oomph you need, simply get in touch with The Grable Group to learn more.

We are a professional booking agency focused on delivering top-quality entertainment for corporate events.

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