5 Of The Most Amazing Performances From Britain’s Got Talent The Champions


Written by Tim Grable

December 4, 2019

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Following the success of the first edition of America’s Got Talent, in 2007, its British counterpart was quickly brought to UK television, and it rose to critical acclaim.

Nowadays, 12 years later, it seems history repeats itself. This time, however, it’s tied to the Champion’s edition of the show.

31 August 2019 was the day in which Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions premiered, further expanding the AGT franchise.

Fans very appreciated this spin-off. And to convince you why it was so good, we will showcase 5 of the best performances which took place over the span of the entire competition.

5 Of The Most Amazing Performances From Britain's Got Talent The Champions

Preacher Lawson’s Comeback on the Show

Preacher Lawson made a name for himself during the 12th season of America’s Got Talent back in 2017. His debut was so explosive that he instantly became a fan favorite.

With his energetic brand of comedy and off the wall style of slapstick humor, he managed to propel himself into the AGT finals, landing among the final 10.

This time, at BGT: The Champions, he made a return, much to the audience’s delight. And, again, he did incredibly well, managing to finish in the 7th place.

Paddy and Nico’s Golden Buzzer

Paddy and Nico are a salsa duo who caught everyone by surprise with their incredible dance routine. They both have interesting chemistry, considering the 40 years difference between them.

During the auditions of Britain’s Got Talent, they had a slow start with a warm-up dance that had people yawning and Simon even buzzing too early.

However, once they unleashed their ballistic dance performance, everyone was utterly stunned. By the end, they were all impressed, with judge Amanda Holden even pressing the Golden Buzzer in their favor.

Twist and Pulse’s Funny Dance Routine

The Got Talent franchise has seen its fair share of dancers and comedians. In this case, a comedy dance duo comes as a breath of fresh air. Ashley and Glen are Twist and Pulse, two street dancers from London.

Unlike your average street dancers, Twist and Pulse have something different going on for them. They bring an element of comedy to their dances, and their entire choreography is filled with moments of comic relief.

During the second week of the show, they put on an explosive dance routine, which had one minute dancing over dubstep, and the other they were rolling on the floor over hip-hop music.

Stavros Flatley Had Simon Reach for the Golden Buzzer

Stavros Flatley has been nicknamed the Lords of the Dance on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. They are a father and son dance duo who have won the hearts of both the judges and the audience.

Ever since the auditions, their iconic Greek-Cypriot style of dance got them 4 “Yes” from the judges. However, the second time around, their performance was so explosive that everyone gave them a standing ovation.

Simon was impressed by their act and decided to grant them the Golden Buzzer, sending them into the live rounds.

Alex Magala Performed the Deadliest Act in the Show’s History

Alex Magala is a sword swallower who had previous run-ins with the show. He’s been to several editions of Got Talent, which turned out to work pretty well for him.

He was the winner of Russia’s Got Talent, the finalist of Italia’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, a semi-finalist of Ukraine’s Got Talent, and also participated in America’s Got Talent.

The reason why he is so successful is because of the intensity of the acts he performs. For example, during the Champions edition of BGT, he delivered one of the deadliest tricks ever to be done on the Got Talent stage.

He swallowed a sword, and he climbed a pole, which was as high as the entire audience hall. Then, with the sword in his mouth, he slid down the pole, stopping precisely at the bottom – just before the sword would touch the floor.

Entertainment Just like Britain’s Got Talent

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the highlights of BGT: The Champions. It’s clear this first edition was incredible, and it proves there’s quite a large audience for the entertainment of all kinds.

If you’d like to hire the AGT level of entertainment for your next event, then you’ve come to the right place. Call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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