Paint Your Corporate Event with Live Painter Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz Nashville painting

Written by Tim Grable

July 31, 2017

Memorable stories and fun are aspects which describe a successful corporate event. It is what many event organizers strive to achieve, by putting in extra hours and much passion.

Granted, it might seem like a goal which can be achieved only with superhuman efforts.

Have you met Heidi Schwartz? She is a live painter with years of experience in turning corporate events into memorable moments for every guest. Besides raw talent, she knows how to make her performance appealing to audiences of all ages.

Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Heidi Can Paint Your Event Live

Heidi Schwartz is a Nashville-based painter. She took her talent and painting skills and used them to create a unique entertainment concept.

Using brushes and paint as her quill, Heidi can capture the narrative of any corporate event as it takes place. She not only has charm and elegance, but she will also give guests something to talk about.

The paintings she completes right in front of your guests can be either gifted to the CEO as a memento or turned into a timeless and unique memory for the entire team.

Heidi Schwartz: Grand Ole Opry

Who Is Heidi Schwartz

Heidi grew up in Ohio and proved to be a talented child: she started painting, singing and playing the guitar from an early age. A natural born talent as she was self-taught.

Heidi was kicked out of high school art class and music class because her style was different. It was unique.

However, art was what she loved the most because it let Heidi be herself. So, she continued painting as a process of discovering herself.

Her talent was eventually recognized and, at the age of twenty-one, she did an art show at DreamWorks on Music Row in Nashville.

It was the perfect opportunity for a young artist looking for more ways to advance her career. She went on to do shows at cafes, restaurants, bookstores and eventually companies. 

It is how “Paint Your Event” was born. It is so much more than your average type of entertainment, as Heidi Schwartz combines performance art and fine art.

How Can You Hire Heidi Schwartz for Your Corporate Event – and Why You ShouldPaint Your Corporate Event with Live Painter Heidi Schwarz

Ever since her first performance, Heidi has been traveling the world, painting all sorts of events for large enterprises.

Her talent even got her work at the “Revealed” photographic exhibition in Chicago – together with modern masters like Picasso or Chagall. Heidi is living a real dream, which is one of the reasons why she is so appreciated.

During your corporate event, Heidi captures elements of the entire event: decor, subject matter, theme, and happenings. She masterfully pieces them together to tell the story. Heidi’s unique work of art is created right before your guests’ eyes.

Hiring Heidi Schwartz for your corporate event gets you a unique memento which celebrates the occasion forever.

If you would like to book Heidi for your next event or learn more about how her performance at your corporate party could look like, just get in touch with The Grable Group

We are a professional booking agency and entertainment company with years of experience in managing a wide array of talents and artists.

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