Get The Party Started With The Help Of These Corporate Musicians

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Written by Tim Grable

July 1, 2019

The party begins when the music starts playing. However, to truly get a corporate party going, you’ll need high-quality live music. So to do that, you’ll have to put some effort into finding the right musicians.

As opposed to recorded music, live music has that human touch to it, which makes it just a bit more pleasant to the ear. Also, besides the difference in how it sounds, live music offers the benefit of having performers onstage to engage with the audience.

When planning corporate events, it can be quite the challenge to find musicians with talent that’s original, exciting, and unique, especially when it comes to for your next corporate event. You don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up with a bored audience, right? Well, guess what…you’ve come to the right place, or website rather.

However, if you’re struggling to find any to fit your standards, then maybe we can be of help.

That is why we wrote this article; to help you find corporate musicians who can truly rock your event, no matter what type of corporate event you are planning.

Be sure to keep on reading!

Are There Any Fresh Faces in Music For Corporate Events?

Michael and Amy Pickering

Recorded music doesn’t capture the feeling of having a performer onstage screaming for people to put their hands up.

There are many bands you can hire, but few manage to put on a live show better than Michael and Amy Pickering. They are two corporate musicians who engage in a piano duel.

During their performance, they go at it, trying to outdo one another by playing some of the most enthralling piano pieces.

Michael and Amy Pickering, Get The Party Started With The Help Of These Corporate Musicians

Their show is incredibly funny and engaging, with many people describing it as “hysterical” and “unexpected.”

Your guests better are prepared because one moment they might be laughing and the other, they may be clapping along to some of the most beautiful piano leads.

Backtrack Vocals

Backtrack Vocals are an award-winning acapella group which use vocal arrangements to create very compelling melodies. These corporate musicians will have your guests sit down and observe to absorb the whole performance.

Backtrack Vocals

And if you were wondering, yes, they don’t use instruments, just the power of the human voice. Also, it would be best if you didn’t let this discourage you because it’s the only instrument they need to sound incredible.

As an acapella band, they share vocal duties among each other to recreate different types of sound which would correspond to a real instrument.

Through this group effort, they’re able to recreate the sound of a live band. For example, they use beatboxing as percussion and a lower baritone voice to serve as a bass.

Their songs cover a wide array of genres ranging from classical music to modern pop hits. However, regardless of what they play, you can be sure that they have enough material to impress even the toughest audiences.

The harmonies they create a sound very pleasing and just a few notes in and you’ll be surely hearing people applaud them for their musicality!

Alter Ego

It’s time for a little #throwbackThursday with these unique musicians that are perfect for your next corporate event. These ten performers are throwin’ it back as close as the 2000’s and even as waaaaaaay back as the 70’s. How? By recreating the songs that out bands on the map, such as Shot Through the Heart by Bon Jovi, Wannabe by Spice Girls, Poker Face by Lady Gaga, and so many more! But these talented musicians aren’t just going to bring the songs to your corporate event, what would the fun in that be? You could have just gotten a DJ instead if that was the case. Not this band, they bring so much more to the stage…literally!

Alter Ego Cover Band

Alter Ego brings dancing, lights, special effects, and a spectacular 60 costume changes in just an hour and a half. Yep, you read that right! This Montreal based music group is sure to excite, throwback, and wow the audience at your next corporate events, no matter what the occasion.


Lively, upbeat, and in tune with the audience, all the things you want your corporate event entertainer to be. Sadly, however, talent like this is quite hard to come by these days. Luckily there are those very few musicians who break down the walls of trends and establish their own authentic uniqueness. Spags just so happens to be one of the very few. What sets her out? She’s an electric violinist who dances around the stage performing jubilant songs and sporting dazzling costumes.

Blow the audience away at your next corporate events with a violin performance they won’t soon forget.

Recycled Percussion

From hanging upside down on the ceiling to enter a show to breakdancing on stage, Recycled Percussion certainly knows how to keep their audience entertained. With energetic performances that have the entire room on their feet dancing along to the original music being performed, this group certainly breaks the standard from what a traditional percussion section is supposed to sound like to the modern day entertainment that earned them 3rd place in the fourth season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

High energy, upbeat tempos, and countless possibilities, Recycled Percussion is the perfect fit for any corporate event in need of a unique twist on a classic act.

String Angels

Evening gowns, violins, and three classy young ladies, String Angels is perfect for your next event. These women bring a classic vibe to any party or show. Performing covers of classical features such as Mozart to more modern, yet still a classic, The Beatles, this unique talent adds the extra umph to any special event.

If you’re looking for a less energy, but still a breathtakingly spectacular performance, String Angels is the perfect musical fit for you!


Lights. Camera. Action! At least, those are the words that should come to your mind when you watch the amazing ECLIPSE perform. This talented bunch is nothing short of spectacular. Using technology, music, and dance, this group brings you only brilliance and aw as they perform a show that you will never forget.

From the moment they step on stage, there’s a wonderful array of sights, sounds, and colors that dance around on the stage, leaving you relaxed, but energized after watching such a unique performance. For a corporate event like no other, book Eclipse and watch your audience become inspired and amazed at authenticity everywhere.

Corporate Musicians Are a Perfect Fit

Drums, music, stage lights

Seize the opportunity! We’ve given you some of the best musicians we’ve got and quite admittedly, some of the best in the world. Now it’s up to you whether or not you get to watch them perform live at your next event. Not on TV. Not on the internet. Live!

We can’t stress enough just how well live music goes with a corporate event. To be 100% convinced, you’ll have to see it for yourself – or better said, hear it! What are you waiting for? Go book your musician for the next corporate event today!

In that case, if you’d like to have a musician play at your event, then give us a call at (615) 283 0039, and we will gladly help you!

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