6 Dance Groups that Will Bring New Life to Your Events


Written by Tim Grable

May 23, 2019

Dancing is one of the oldest social activities in the world. And nowadays, it has evolved to such a level that it contains some of the most elaborate choreographies ever seen.

Regardless of the occasion, professional dance groups can raise your event to the next level.

If you are interested to learn more about such dance crews, then you have come to the right place. In the following article, we will feature 6 such groups which will leave a lasting mark on your audience.

1. The Lab

There’s a high chance you may have heard or even seen The Lab. They are a dance group which has been making waves recently.

This dance group, originally from West Covina, California, is composed of a team of intrepid youngsters, their ages ranging from 8 to 16 years-old. That’s why, when they go on stage, you can feel the fresh energy and passion.

This incredible crew was aiming big from the start. After coming out as the undisputed champs in dancing competitions from their local Californian hip-hop scene, it was time to move to the big league.

Also, for them, it was the stage of the internationally acclaimed show, World of Dance.

So after a fierce competition and a very intense year, they came out as the winners of the show – cementing their reputation as one of the best dance groups of all time.

2. Jabbawockeez

The Jabbawockeez needs absolutely no introduction. They are heavyweights in the world of dance crews and have been in the game longer than most groups out there.

4 Dance Groups that Will Bring New Life to Your Events

They started during the mid-2000s when the b-boy movement was in full swing. So they rode this trend until they became known worldwide.

What made them stick out from the rest of the dance crews of the time was their entire presentation, which had them wearing expressionless masks and different kind of suits.

Also worth noting is their unique dance style, which is an amalgamation of multiple street dance styles – such as funk, hip-hop, street, and the iconic robot dance.

3. S-Rank

S-Rank is a group of 14 highly trained dance professionals with moves which leave everyone staring in awe.

They have been regularly cited as one of the best up and coming groups – they are on their way to make it big!

They took everyone by storm in 2018 when they appeared on World of Dance, showcasing their skill to the entire world.

4. Zurcaroh

Zurcaroh is a legendary troupe which has gone beyond television success and became an award-winning act.

The group first started in 2007, in Brazil. Not meeting with any success, it took an early halt. In 2009, its founder moved to Austria and decided to give it another chance, reassembling the group.

Since that moment, Zurcaroh has been on the path to dominate the dance scene. They have gone even as far as to represent Austria at the World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki.

It’s worth mentioning they also got a Golden Buzzer Award on America’s Got Talent. Also, it’s quite something to brag about, since very few participants on the show have managed to obtain it.

5. Charity and Andres

If you have been watching the recent editions of World of Dance, you most likely have seen Charity and Andres in action. They were, more or less, one of the most discussed groups during the show’s run – and for good reasons, their dance moves are simply breathtaking.

They also gain attention for the fact they’re among the youngest participants in the show’s history. However, don’t let the age discourage you, as they’ve been a dance group since they were 8 years old.

With so many years of practice, they have come to know each other’s moves well. This allows them to create an almost hypnotic choreography, where both of them are in almost perfect tandem.


6. Unity LA

Unity LA is a well-known and respected group hailing from Los Angeles. Having been established in 1994, they have a vibrant history of creating some of the most intricate choreographies audiences have ever seen.

They recently came into the spotlight by participating in NBC’s World of Dance and wowing both the judges and the members of the audience.

Their dancing routine was centered on a fictional love story which was portrayed by two of the dancers. They also had a door frame as a prop, which was used as a physical barrier between the two lovers.

The dance moves were flawless, the story was touching, and everyone loved it!


Interested in Booking Dance Groups?

Anyone can appreciate a well-executed choreography. So a fully-fledged dance show will blow away the audiences.

We hope this article convinced you that dance acts aren’t to be ignored. Hiring the right one for your event can turn your event into a memorable experience for everyone!

If you are interested in booking such groups for your event, then do not hesitate to call us at (615) 283-0039 and we will help you with the arrangements!

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