4 Of The Most Memorable Dance Routines From All Seasons of World of Dance

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Written by Tim Grable

November 30, 2019

World of Dance has been going strong for three seasons now. And it’s not showing any signs of stopping. In fact, with the incredible performances which have been featured, the show has managed to cement itself as a long-lasting cultural phenomenon.

Be sure to join us in the following article in a trip down memory lane, as we go through what we think were some of the most amazing dance routines to have been featured on the show!

4 Of The Most Memorable Dance Routines From All Seasons of World of Dance

1. The Kings’ Cinematic Final Routine

The Kings made a name for themselves from the start of the show. Fans of the show were convinced the Indian titans had a clear shot at becoming world champions.

However, nobody would have foreseen the sheer magnitude of their final performance.   They unleashed a cinematic war epic over the triumphant soundtrack of Bollywood action hero movies.

And with each second which passed, it got even better, as The Kings performed a series of incredible acrobatics which culminated with the iconic battle scene and the breathtaking spear throw in slow-motion.

Be sure to check it out in the following video:


2. Les Twins’ Winning Performance

The inaugural season of World of Dance sent ripples throughout the entire industry of live television.   We like to think that much of its success is owed to the wonderful performances put forth by the contestants.

We cannot forget the fact the 1st season of the show was when Les Twins made their international debut. Back when they hit the stage, the world had never seen such a level of synchronicity and impeccable execution.

Their technical mastery propelled them into the final rounds of the show. Their dance routines set the standards not just for hip-hoppers, but for all dancers who would participate in the later editions of the show.

See their entire performance in the following video:


3. The Bravery of Eva Igo

There’s much respect to be had for the contestants who participate by themselves. However, before there was Michael Dameski and Brian Nolet, there was the original soloist – Eva Igo.

Back in season 1, she was among the first solo participants, and this does require a certain level of confidence. Add also the fact that during that time, Eva Igo was also competing in the Junior League, as she was only 14 years old.

One of Eva’s most memorable dance routines was her performance, which won her first place in the Junior Division, establishing her as a role model for dancers who were even twice her age.

Watch her full performance in the following video:

4. Michael Dameski, Derek Hough, Charity & Andres

Season 3 had some of the most intense moments in the show’s entire history. It’s easy to understand why, as the final leg of the competition was entirely dedicated to the fierce battle for the world championship.

There was one particular moment that stood out during season 3, the return of the show’s alumni, Michael Dameski and Charity & Andres.

During this incredible moment, Michael Dameski and Charity & Andres, who were season 2’s runner ups, teamed up with judge Derek Hough and put forth a dance routine that deserved a grand prize.

Don’t miss their entire performance in the following video:

Dance Routines and Corporate Events

We hope you enjoyed our shortlist of incredible performances, and we hope it convinced you that professional dancing has the power to entertain audiences.

If you are organizing an event, we suggest hiring a dance group to provide entertainment for your guests. And if this idea resonates with you, then we can help you put it into practice. Call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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