The Most Thrilling Acts for Corporate Event with a Twist of Danger

Deadly Games

Written by Courtney Grable

October 15, 2018

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How Thrilling Is Your Corporate Event?

How much pizazz does your corporate event have? Better yet, how much pizzaz does any special event ever have? Well, here’s the thing, not many have that wow factor that connects with the audience on a deeper, more thrilling level than has ever been reached before. What we mean by that is introducing dangerous acts to the stage. These next three acts will have you and your audience on your feet and in awe during the whole performance. Watch as a room filled to the brim with people is silenced and captivated by the attention of everyone solely on the stage. Hush. You can hear a pin drop. Woosh. You can hear the breathing being swept away from them. Gasp. You can see their reactions to what’s going on onstage. Blink. And you’ll miss it. So, what are we waiting for? It’s time for us to dive deeper and deeper into the unknown, wading further and further into the depths of the ocean of mystery and thrill. Come with us as we embark on a journey filled with deadly acrobatics, heart-racing theatrics, and thrilling knife throwing to further better ourselves in learning the art of danger. Every step counts and every breath could be the last.

Deadly Games

The Most Thrilling Acts for Corporate Event with a Twist of Danger











Fling goes the ax as it leaves the hand of the powerful Alfredo Siva. Yet, he is terrified. Woosh goes the ax as it whizzes by the head of the dazzling young lady. Yet, she is not afraid. These are the two contradicting reactions of this couple as they step onstage every single night to perform. These two remarkable performers put on quite the show each and every time. But what is it that makes this dynamic duo so exciting for corporate events? Well, for one, she could die at any moment during any of their performances, yet she trusts Alfredo, a charming and endearing feat all on its own. But on the other hand, the two skilled performers recruit the use of lights, props, and music all to bring you the ultimate union of thrill, excitement, and unrelenting captivation by every audience member. Any time they step on stage, it could be their last, but they do it because they love it and want to give your corporate event the attention grasping show that it deserves. So watch the video below and pick from countless unique storylines to pick which one is right for you. What are you waiting for? Go explore the endless possibilities of Deadly Games!

Duo Transcend

The audience gasps as they take in this terrifying site. Right here, right now a young woman is falling to the ground, possibly to her death. Her body falls, faster and faster, arms swinging wildly trying to grasp onto something, but alas, the only thing around her is air and fire. Then, in a split second, thunk, she hits the ground. At what angle? We don’t know. At what speed? We don’t know. Is there damage? Is she alive? Yes, she is. She stands up and her husband flips to the ground from his perch far above her, which also happens to be where she had fallen from and removes his blindfold. Grasping her in his arms, he reminds us what this truly is…two humans in love performing dangerous feats that could get them both killed. Yes, this is the scene that unfolded right in front of America as Duo Transcend performed on the stage that night. But why do they do it then? Is it the thrilling, heart-racing excitement that has them hooked? Probably. But what they enjoy most is performing for you, the audience. One thing is for certain, if you want to grasp everyone’s attention at your next corporate event, Duo Transcend is an absolute must, as they bring everything they have to the table every single time.

Aaron Crow

Remember the tale about William Tell having to shoot an arrow through an apple that was placed on his son’s head? Well, archer Aaron Crow takes that tale to a whole other level. At least as one of the acts he does. On live television, Crow placed an apple on the head of Heidi Klum and set a target behind it. What he did next was unthinkable. He shot this deadly arrow from a revolving platform many yards away from his target…and he didn’t even miss the apple or the target. Yes, Aaron Crow has a way of making any audience that is but in front of him move to the edge of their seats, anxious with anticipation of what’s going to happen next. With him as an addition to any of your corporate events, there is no doubt that the day will never be forgotten.

Are You Ready for a Good Time?

Then get ready for the nightlife at your next corporate event. Well, at least the mystery and danger the so-called nightlife seems to bring with these dangerous acts. But the real question is…which one was the most thrillingly life-threatening of all? Was it the action-packed Deadly Games? Or the breathtakingly exciting Duo Transcend? What about the heart-pounding arrow shooting of Aaron Crow? Not sure? Well, there’s only one way to answer that question then…you simply have to check out all of them for yourself!


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