Deadly Games Will Make Any Event Daring, Breathtaking and Thrilling

Deadly Games

Written by Tim Grable

June 12, 2017


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Are you looking to move away from boring events and offer your guests an experience they would remember for years to come? We are not talking about “Deadly Games” in a scary way, but as a new generation of entertainment.

They are actually a daring duo who bring energy, adrenaline, excitement, fun, and thrills to your event. Don’t be afraid; there’s nothing deadly about their performance.

So if you would like to keep your event’s guests in suspense and give them a unique and thrilling experience, read on to find out why you should book the Deadly Games duo.

Here’s How the Dynamic Duo Was Born

Deadly Games Will Make Any Event Daring, Breathtaking and Thrilling

Before 2009, Anna was a professional ballerina who worked mostly as a choreographer. She had adventure embedded deep in her DNA, so she was always looking to achieve more and try new moves.

Alfredo started on his current career path as a juggler and magician. Adrenaline and adventure were running through his veins as well and at a certain point, he used to ride motorcycles inside the Globe of Death display. In case you do not know, it is that circus stunt involving fast vehicles and a huge sphere of metal.

However, in 2009, Alfredo and Anna decided to unite their professional paths, and so the Deadly Games were born. The chemistry was unquestionable, and they instantly clicked. In fact, they decided to combine their paths as well. Thus, they became husband and wife.

They are young, beautiful, talented and daring.

“Deadly Games” Means Adrenaline and Excitement

Would you dare throw a knife towards someone while being blindfolded? Of course not! Nobody would dare do such a thing… except for this dynamic duo.

What Alfredo and Anna manage to do on the stage simply takes your audience’s breath away. By risking everything every time they are performing, the entire show is filled with adrenaline-pumping action.

To be honest, there’s no way to describe their performance using words. So here’s a short video from one of their shows for America’s Got Talent:

America's Got Talent 2016 Semi-Finals Deadly Games

Suffice to say, if you see any of their shows, you should not try to recreate their stunts at home. There’s a certain level of danger involved which takes years and years of practice.

Getting back to the performance presented above, “Incredible” is how you could summarize it. Additionally, have you seen the way the judges were constantly at the edge of their chairs? It is a feeling your guests could experience as well should you decide to book the Deadly Games for your next event.

Here’s Why You Should Book Their Performance

It is important to know the performance is not suited for small or young children, as they tend to replicate whatever they see in front of their eyes.

However, for more mature audiences, their show is a pure sensation.

What makes their act so unique is the fact they can play anywhere regardless of language or cultural barriers. Deadly Games is a unique type of entertainment which doesn’t just let you see amazing performances, but also makes you feel the excitement.

Additionally, you could rest assured because your guests will remember such an act and they will be talking about it for weeks and even months after your event.

Would you like to learn even more? Feel free to get in touch with The Grable Group online or just give us a call at 615-283-0039.

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