6 Delightful Entertainment Acts Which Will Make You Say ‘No Way!’

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Written by Tim Grable

May 3, 2018

As the saying goes, not everything which glitters is gold.

So when it comes to entertainment acts, we can say not each one of them manages to deliver the ‘wow’ factor.

It takes a special combination of qualities to make performers stand out among their fellows, and we believe the 6 acts in this article can each illustrate this standard.

1. Aaron Crow

The best entertainers are those that advance a unique formula which works regardless of the specifics of the audience it is presented to.

Aaron Crow is someone who found a new facet to what we would call a universally-appealing variety act because it can grip anyone’s attention with the way it is built.

How his act makes guests go ‘No way!’

  • elements of suspense (carefully selected music) and shock
  • masterful build-up
  • lights and dangerous props
  • show-stopping concepts (i.e., bullet catching).

Curious to see how all these elements fuse and culminate in a ‘wow’ kind of moment? Watch this:

2. Adam Trent

You may have heard stories of prodigy kids who are great at picking up seemingly every skill on this Planet.

Well, if you were to look for an equivalent of this portrait in the entertainment industry, one of the top entertainment acts you could come across would be Adam Trent’s.

With both a Broadway theater and a TV background, Adam is a part of a new generation of performers who are ‘cross-trained’ in several performance fields.

How his act makes guests go ‘No way!’

  • ingenious props
  • fast-paced discourse
  • use of tech gear
  • the perfect dose of humor and audience participation.

Just look at what he did upon being invited to The Ellen Show. Using jaw-dropping to describe his performance would be an understatement.

3. Duo Transcend

If you put together someone with a background in musical theater and dance with someone possessing outstanding acrobatics and high diving skills, you can already foresee an explosive act.

This act already exists! It is called Duo Transcend, and its members are Mary and Tyce, two outstanding athletes who have Cirque du Soleil performances and an Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival win under their belts.

How their act makes guests go ‘No way!’

  • incredibly athletic trapeze routines
  • breathtaking, never-before-seen kind of acrobatic tricks
  • highly engaging music
  • fast-paced tricks
  • heart-stopping roller skating acrobatics.

It also helps Mary and Tyce possess excellent stage presence, as well. Take a look:


Entertainment Acts Which Will Impress Your Guests

Events represent a vital part of a company’s annual calendar. It can help businesses promote themselves internally, externally and also reinforce brand values and the corporate message.

To organize memorable events, you need to think about what entertainers you’re going to hire.

Even though there are multiple aspects which will determine an event’s success, today we’re going to focus on entertainment, which is one of the most important ones.

Quality entertainment will help you avoid a snooze-fest. Instead, you’ll create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Entertainment Acts Which Will Impress Your Guests

4. The Panic Squad

The Panic Squad is an elite improv comedy troupe who has been providing top-notch entertainment for over 20 years.

The members of the group combine wit, intelligence and humor to transform any event into a special one. They will even tailor their performance to meet your needs.

Since The Panic Squad does shows based on improv comedy, no two performances will be the same.

Over the years, they have accumulated plenty of experience at many types of events, such as corporate workshops, holiday parties, award banquets, virtual graduation parties, receptions, weddings, high school and college workshops, and even multiple theater festivals.

This comedy troupe knows its way around an audience, so if you’re looking to surprise your guests with unique entertainment, you need to consider The Panic Squad.

5. Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen has been a successful voice actor and impressionist for more than 30 years. As an actor, he appeared in some popular movies such as Apollo 13, The Grinch, Frost/Nixon, The Punisher, Not Forgotten, There Will Be Blood and many others.

As an impressionist, he can impersonate over 65 different celebrities, from George Clooney to Kevin Spacey, from William Shatner to Morgan Freeman and even Flipper.

Jim’s show is called Jimpressions, and it’s genuinely a comedic tour de force, an interactive, hilarious homage to the art of vocal mimicry.

Just watch the video below to see how he sings Bohemian Rhapsody in celebrity voices.

6.The Zeman Duo

The Zeman Duo is a dynamic and extreme roller-skating duo act formed by Karoly and Ana. They are husband and wife, and they both come from Hungary.

The couple is also a third generation circus performer. Karoly graduated from the Hungarian Circus school in 1992 and focused on circus skills and performing his BMX bike act.

Ana, on the other hand, comes from an internationally known Brazilian family of Flying Trapeze artists known as the Flying Souzas. 

Karoly and Ana met in 1995, and since then, they have been performing aerial hoop, roller skating, BMX and comedy bike acts which keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Their performance can best be described as unique, thrilling and impossible to forget.

Make Your Event Unique with Quality Entertainment Acts

The performers recommended in this article are guaranteed to turn your event into a fantastic experience, one your guests would want to talk about days after it’s over.

Why choose a top entertainment act which goes beyond the regular ones?

Because they usually exceed expectations and create an even more significant impact than you’d initially think.

These are the type of performers you need if you want to make a lasting impression and create unforgettable memories. Product launches, business launches, milestone celebrations, virtual meetings and online programs – these are just a few examples of events which require instantly impactful entertainment acts to reach their maximum potential.3 Delightful Entertainment Acts Which Will Make You Go 'No Way!'

If you have read the article up until this point, it means you are just a few steps away from achieving the event outcome we were talking about.

More precisely, you will have to browse through this list (in case you have not yet picked one of the 6 acts showcased here), then head over to the contact form or dial in 615 283 0039 and secure the performer of your choice.

Then you can go back to your event planning checklist and cross the entertainment bit out.

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