3 Excellent Entertainment Ideas for when You Want to Surprise Guests

Jon Dorenbos

Written by Tim Grable

June 26, 2018

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Ever wondered what makes an entertainment idea great?

Well, it’s safe to say everyone has their view of what excellent entertainment ideas entail. However, more often than not, they encompass at least a few of the following:

  • they stand out as being original or offer a unique spin to a classic idea
  • they have an element of surprise guests will talk about long after the event has come to an end
  • they have the power to inspire not just entertain.

Now, finding an idea which ticks all these boxes is no walk in the park, but it’s not impossible either. In fact, we’ve included three of them in this article. Curious to know what they are all about?

Keep on reading.

3 Excellent Entertainment Ideas for when You Want to Surprise Guests

1. A Live Story Told Through Sand Art and Music

If you want to surprise guests by introducing them to a new way of storytelling, you will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable fit for entertainment than Joe Castillo‘s form of art.

An experienced keynote speaker, Joe tapped into his creative self to develop a new way of sharing ideas and telling stories with his hands.

Using sand as his medium and piercing music to further accentuate heart-gripping messages, Joe takes guests on a captivating journey into a new world which is unveiling right in from of them.

What guests are most likely to remember, though, is how Joe’s incredible sand animation stories made them feel and that is inspired, awestruck and deeply-entertained.

 Jon Dorenbos

2. A Magic Act with a Motivational Insert

At first, magic and motivational speech seem two entirely separate things.  However, former NFL players Jon Dorenbos has come up with a brilliant way to merge the two and make it on our list of excellent entertainment ideas.

How does he manage to surprise guests and keep them on the edge of their seats?

For starters, it’s his magic. His magic tricks are the kind which appeals to the curious mind and keeps guests wondering what’s next. However, Jon isn’t just doing card tricks and showcasing his abilities as a sleight-of-hand magician.

His secret to winning his audience over is his incredible personality!

His great sense of humor and positive outlook on life help build an instant connection with his audience. His strength as a speaker partly comes from that.

However, Jon relying on his personal experience and incredible life story to inspire others to overcome obstacles and embrace change is what makes him truly memorable.

Heidi Schwartz Live Event Painter

3. A Live Painting Performance Which Ends with a Surprise

We couldn’t talk about excellent entertainment ideas and not include Heidi Schwartz‘s live painting program. You see, Heidi has an outstanding ability to capture the essence of any event on canvas. 

Through an incredible use of colors and precise brush strokes, her paintings come alive in front of guests. These painted images tell the story of an event by piecing together:

  • elements of decor
  • theme
  • guests
  • happenings throughout the event
  • and other elements which can help convey the atmosphere at an event.

Heidi’s attention-grabbing, highly-dynamic performance culminates with a work of art which is a visual expression of a memorable evening. You can choose to keep it and display it in your organization or put it up for auction to raise money for a cause you support.

Turn These Excellent Entertainment Ideas into Reality

Each one of these entertainment ideas would be a terrific addition to your event, so what are you waiting for?

Book your choice of entertainment today and let guests know they’re in for an awesome surprise!

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