Deadly Games – For a Dangerously Fun Company Anniversary Party

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Written by Tim Grable

March 5, 2017

When was the last time you had a company anniversary party that had your guests in suspense?

One that made them hold on to the edge of their seats while the show was unfolding? We are going to go on a limb here and say it was not that recent.

If you suspect your employees and partners are probably tired of the same old party concept, then you need something new and exciting. And not just thrilling “on paper.”

Well, your wait for top-class entertainment is finally over. Without further ado, we present the knife-thrower duo act: Deadly Games!

Deadly Games - For a Dangerously Fun Company Anniversary Party

Who Are Deadly Games?

Alfredo Silva was not always into the knife-throwing part of their act. Before this, his performance dabbled more into magic and juggling feats.

He was a juggler and even rode motorcycles inside the infamous Globe of Death display.

In the end, he decided that his prime passion (and career path) would be knife-throwing.

Anna, on the other hand, didn’t partake in such dangerous performances. She is a professional ballerina first and worked mostly as a choreographer.

That is as far away from knife-throwing as you can get.

However, when they combined their two acts together in 2009, they created something truly unique. It was the perfect fit.

You are probably telling yourself: “Knife-throwing is not that unique, is it?” You will change your mind soon enough once you get to see what they can do on stage.

Why Should I Choose Deadly Games for My Company Anniversary Party?

Words do not do any justice to their performances. It is something you need to see to believe. That is why we have wanted to include a video.

Check out one of their performances at America’s Got Talent. You will see Howie, Mel B, Heidi, and Simon Cowell hiding their faces in shock.

Don’t get fooled by the poor choice of words in the title, however. “Cringe” is not exactly a strong enough of a word to describe the judges’ reactions!

America's Got Talent 2016 Quarter Finals Deadly Games

No, your eyes did not play any tricks on you. What you saw was 100% real:

  • Alfredo was throwing six-edged axes towards the board behind Anna. Blindfolded. Guided just by her voice, he never missed the mark.
  • Anna was spinning in a fiery circle, while Alfredo threw knives towards it. Did we mention that the knives were also on fire?

That is the kind of mind-boggling showmanship that gets you into the semifinals at America’s Got Talent.

The examples above are just a peek into the full repertoire of this duo. Yes, a look. If that is only a sample of their prowess, imagine what they can do for your company anniversary party!

Don’t Waste Your Chance to Grab a Hold of This Class Act

As you can imagine, everyone is cramming to get this Dangerous Duo booked for their events. You should grab the chance now, while you still can!

Want your guests to leave the company anniversary party surprised? In disbelief? Still wondering: “What just happened back there?” 

Then give us a call today at 615-283-0039 or contact us through this form.

We can take care of the rest and help you book the eye-popping entertainment your party deserves.

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