3 Heart-Stopping Performances from America’s Got Talent

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Written by Tim Grable

September 24, 2018

This year, it has been a hot competition on the AGT stage. Some of the best artists and performers showcased their amazing talent.

Also, there were some performances which had people on the edge of their seats from just how intense they were.

Let’s have a look at 3 of the most breathtaking performances from this season of America’s Got Talent.

1. Duo Transcend

Duo Transcend is Mary and Tyce, a couple which performs some of the most dangerous trapezes acts ever seen on television.

For everyone at home and in public, it’s a death-defying act, but for Mary and Tyce it’s just a family matter. The success of their daring performance relies heavily on the bond between them.

In this season of America’s Got Talent, their performances were nothing short of amazing.

If you have seen them during the auditions, he goes blindfolded, completely cutting off his sight.

And in this particular performance, they went up on the trapeze, with Tyce having to catch Mary, each time she would jump.

By the end, it was Mary’s turn to hold on to the trapeze and to hold Tyce. Much to everyone’s shock, their act would culminate in Mary letting Tyce fall.

Do not worry; it was part of the act. This made for a perfect finale which had everyone waiting anxiously to see what happened.

Have a look at it for yourself by clicking the following video:

2. Sergey and Sasha Korolev

Sergey and Sasha are father and daughter. They competed on this season of America’s Got Talent for the desire to become the world’s most known acrobatic duo.

However, what truly speaks volumes for their ambition was their amazing balancing performance.

It all started with Sergey balancing upside down Sasha on just one palm. So from that point onward, it just got crazier.

Their final leg of this performance saw Sasha sitting upside down on Sergey’s head, while she was juggling plastic rods with her feet.

If that sounds unbelievable, then you have to see it for yourself. Click the following video to watch their entire performance:

Sergey & Sasha: Father Daughter EXTREME Danger Acrobatic Duo! WOW! | America's Got Talent 2018

3. Aaron Crow

He made it all the way up until the semi-finals, but his fans will remember his daring exploits for quite a while.

If you are to pick just one heart-stopping act from all his performances, you’re going to have a hard time.

When it comes to Aaron Crow, every one of his performances breeds danger and peril. For him, however, it’s just another opportunity to showcase his talent.

During his entire run, he performed many dangerous acts, but by far his most dangerous act was the one with the bow and arrow.

Here, he asked judge Heidi Klum to sit on a chair with an apple on her head, while Aaron would sit on the other side of the stage. He was supposed to hit the apple with the arrow.

However, the catch was that he was sitting on a platform which was continually spinning, making it way more difficult to aim correctly. After a few short spins, he fires his arrow and hits the apple in one clean shot!

Have a look at it for yourself by clicking the following video:

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3 Heart-Stopping Performances from America's Got Talent

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