Is Heidi Schwartz the Best Option for Your Las Vegas Event? Find out

heidi schwartz live painting

Written by Tim Grable

November 3, 2017

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Live painting is painting performed in real time during an event. Throughout this act, the artist tries to recreate a whole setting and sketch the participants, while also capturing the energy of that particular context.

It is a fine art, indeed. Performed by fine artists, no less.

One of them is Heidi Schwartz.

However, is her craft a good fit for the event you are planning in Las Vegas? Is live painting something which would appeal to your guests?

Find the answer to these questions in the lines below and prepare to meet a very talented young lady.

Why Would You ‘Paint’ Your Las Vegas Event?

Live painting is a niche in the entertainment industry, and ‘bold’ would be a fitting term to describe this daring act, guests are less likely to have seen before.

Is Heidi Schwartz the Best Option for Your Las Vegas Event? Find out

The truth is, event planners in Las Vegas are always challenged to come up with ever new concepts. Heidi Schwartz’s act grants you the opportunity to raise the bar and wow the pickiest of audiences.

However, there are other advantages of live painting:

  • as opposed to photographs, paintings can be sold at an auction
  • is a lasting testimony of a company milestone
  • it is a discreet presence which helps guests feel at ease, while also steering their interest till the end of the event. They will sure want to see the result (you can use this moment for an important announcement).

Versatility and Then Some

You would think live painting is just for fancy events where everyone is dressed up to the nines.

Fortunately, it is not the case. As Heidi Schwartz’s art proves, you can take this concept and mold it to fit several types of purposes and events. To name just a few:

  • corporate events
  • fundraisers
  • anniversaries
  • weddings

Here’s a sneak peek:

To be sure, it takes talent and versatility to cover all these events, but you can count on Heidi’s experience to deliver, no matter the specifics of your event. The range of her craft includes even live painting on the streets, so she knows how to adapt to almost any setting.

A Top-Notch Solution for Fundraisers in Las Vegas

If you want to plan a fundraiser, you will need items to auction and raise money for.

Here’s where a Heidi Schwartz painting may come in handy: if you have her at the next event, you can then use her creation for a fundraiser in the future.

Heidi Schwartz Brings the Class to Las Vegas Events

When you have an event in LA, you know you need something special to make it stand out.

What Heidi brings to the table in this respect is her brand of class: art as a viable way of entertainment. Art which can be used for multiple purposes even after the event has concluded.

The presence of a live painter at your event will put the host in a good light since it brands them as a company which cares about details.

If you want Heidi to contribute to your brand image, we advise you head right to The Grable Group contact form here and book her amazing act.

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