Let Heidi Schwartz Paint Your Event With Her Exquisite Talent

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Written by Tim Grable

March 31, 2017

Organizing an event, be it a non profit fundraiser or a corporate party, is no easy task. Not only are there plenty of aspects to be dealt with, such as choosing quality catering services and a great venue, but you also need to ensure that the guests will be entertained. However, how do you go about finding quality entertainment that caters to everybody’s tastes? Well, we’re here to tell you why Heidi Schwartz would be an excellent choice for your event’s entertainment.

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Her company, Paint Your Event, will do wonders for any celebratory occasion you need to plan by creating long-lasting mementos for your guests. Not only will they get to enjoy quality performance skills, but it will all also be topped off with a charming and entertaining personality. The key to Heidi Schwartz’s performances is the fact that she totally immerses herself in them, thus being able to properly capture them.

Types Of Events Heidi Schwartz Caters To

Let Heidi Schwartz Paint Your Event With Her Exquisite Talent


Are you having trouble deciding whether or not this entertainer is right for your event? These are just some of the most common events she provides entertainment for, among others:

Corporate Events

Whether it is a special banquet or you are launching a new product, Heidi Schwartz’s Paint Your Event will make it feel special. Not only will you get to immortalize this great milestone in your company’s development, but you will also not have to worry about the guests feeling out of place. After all, not all people enjoy the type of photography associated with events and parties, since it sometimes feels like it is invading their privacy.

However, everybody can enjoy painting. It will make your corporate event entertaining, while still maintaining an air of elegance.


Is there a better way to create a long-lasting memento of the best day of your life than a painting? We hardly think so. Heidi Schwartz is ready to offer both the bride and groom a special gift for their special event.

Fundraiser Events

While fundraisers are great, they can also be pretty dull. Also, finding the right type of entertainment is tricky, since it needs to keep guests interested, but, at the same time, it cannot be too tacky. This is why a painting is the best way to go.

Not only it will have your guests looking forward to seeing the result, but you can also auction it off at the end of the fundraiser to raise more money.

So How Does Paint Your Event Work?

It is all about people witnessing a painting unfold before their eyes. Heidi captures all the elements of your event in her painting, from the crowd to the theme, and uses them to tell a compelling story. The great thing is that your guests will get to see the painting evolve throughout the night, so there never will be a dull moment.

Hire Heidi Schwartz For Your Event, and You Will Never Regret It

Keep in mind that not only does she provide quality entertainment, she is also an amazing painter herself. This means you will not have to worry about dealing with all the artistic aspects. All you need to do is provide her with a 10×10 clutter-free space to work, and she will handle the rest.

Contact her today and book her ahead of time. It will be worth it, and your guests will surely appreciate the gesture.

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