High Energy Entertainers Who Will Help Bring Your Event to Life

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Written by Tim Grable

July 21, 2018

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Corporate events help bring value from a company’s most significant resource: its people. That’s because events are excellent means of showcasing appreciation and provide a unique opportunity to bring forward ideas, values, and goals from within a company.

However, some events end up being a bore and an hour into the evening; attendees are already one foot out the door. To avoid that, consider these high energy entertainers.

High Energy Entertainers Who Will Help Bring Your Event to Life

Mike Rayburn

  • CSP, CPAE, Keynote Artists, Las Vegas Headliner

Do you believe there is an endless stream of opportunity which exists all around us? Do you think you can look at old things and learn to see them in an entirely new way?

Well, chances are you will see once you listen to Mike Rayburn talk. And so will everybody else sitting in the audience. Mike has come to master the “what if” message, teaching people to open their minds to new possibility and embrace success.

His message is clear, informative, educational, empowering and entertaining – but most importantly, the message reaches the audience. You see, Mike not just focuses on delivering the best content, but also on creating an unforgettable experience around it by bringing music and comedy to the table, as well.

Because while not everybody will remember every single word, no one will forget how the overall experience made them feel: empowered, healthy, entertained and ready to reach their full potential.

Get a better sense of Mike’s presentation style by watching the video below:

Brad Nieder

  • Doctor, Funny Speaker, Clean Comedian

Brad Nieder is not just funny; he’s smart funny. Described as “Jerry Seinfeld with an ‘M.D.,'” Brad had an unconventional approach to comedy, joking about things not many comedians venture to joke about: health, disease and all the medical stuff which come along with it.

From how medical personnel dress to how generic “Get Well” cards are, you’ll be surprised by the vast array of healthcare topics Brad includes in his acts and how he manages to find the humor in all of them.

And since he’s an actual doctor, people in the audience often leave the venue knowing a little bit more about medicine and the human body than they did before.

What’s more, his fast-paced delivery, uplifting message and the way he interacts with the audience are guaranteed to bring your event to life.

Get a sample of his extraordinary stage presence by watching the clip below:

Kim Becking

  • Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Kim Becking is one of the high energy entertainers who always talks from the heart when in front of an audience.

She doesn’t just repeat the same ideas you can find in any motivational book out there. Instead, she draws from her hardships and experiences to share valuable lessons her audience can take home with them.

Ultimately, her heartfelt presentations help guests feel empowered and motivated to make a difference and embrace an attitude of gratitude.

Furthermore, she gives guests the tools to overcome adversity and to realize they can not only survive the unexpected but also to thrive – both professionally and personally.

Kim leads her life based on the same principles she shares during her talks, and this is one of the reasons why she is such a genuinely-inspiring keynote speaker.

The energy and authenticity she brings to the stage are downright incredible! Take a look:

Which One of These High Energy Entertainers Caught Your Eye?

People attending an event don’t want to be talked at. They want to learn new things, engage and be entertained. So it’s crucial to provide real value at your corporate event and ensure it’s charged with a hearty dose of enthusiasm, energy, and excitement.

If you are considering booking one of the high energy entertainers featured in this article, then you’re already off to great start!

If you have questions, give us a call: 615 283 0039.

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