Why You Should Hire a Musician to Perform at Your Event

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Written by Courtney Grable

November 13, 2018

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A Musician Will See the World Differently

It’s just a fact. I was a flute player in my middle school band, and even after years of not playing, the lessons I learned in that class influenced and shaped me into who I am today. But the thing is, the attributes that make a good flute player, percussionist, singer, composer, or even an artist are the same characteristics that make a wonderful human being. Now, I’m no rockstar, but being able to think and see the world differently has helped me an unfathomable amount of time in not only business but in life. But what exactly does this do for you? If it doesn’t encourage you to see the world a different way, it should show you why you should hire a musician. From their ability to see things from a different light to be open to criticism, musicians are easily some of the best people to work with. So, let’s get started!

Look Past Outwards Appearance

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Yes, yes. I know that this is something that is told to young children from the very day they are born. However, as adults, we sometimes don’t take our own advice. Maybe this is one of the most important things I learned as a flutist in the band. But this isn’t just something that makes someone a good person; it’s also something that makes someone better to work with. Allow me to explain. How many times have you ever felt judged when either meeting someone know or hiring an act? Now, they might have been the nicest person, but a human instinct is to feel like we are constantly being judged. However, a musician will look past any flaws and mistakes and accept any situation, no matter what the circumstance is. So, when you hire a musician such as Evie Clair or Kechi Okwuchi, you know that you won’t have to dust off every single thing on each equipment piece. You can breathe that sigh of relief now. 

Every Mistake is an Opportunity to Learn

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Here’s another thing every musician has learned pretty quickly, not everything will turn out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you try. After years and years of being in music, you don’t have to worry about a musician being upset if something breaks or technical difficulties are experienced. They know it’s just a fact of life, in fact, they’ve probably even dealt with the same thing before! So, when you are going to hire a musician for your next event, remember that they are human and you are human if something goes wrong, it just means you are all being human together. 

You Can Always Improve Something

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Our band director always told us “don’t practice it until you get it right, practice it until you don’t get it wrong.” This is the statement that creates legends. Success is the sum of small victories in a continuing pattern; it’s not just a one-time thing. From practicing a complicated piece to building a business, consistency is key. Every musician learns this lesson almost as soon as they dive right into the music, so you will be able to tell that they have been practicing for ages. Whether it’s a trill or a downfall, there is no doubt that whichever musician you chose to hire, they will have practiced their songs to near perfection. 

Learn to Move Past Failures

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Now, this is quite honestly, probably the hardest characteristic to accept. In a world of Instagram and YouTube where everyone’s success is publicized, the acceptance of failure is crushing. However, as a musician, I learned that failure must be put in the past to focus on what is to be. In a sense, that would mean that failure is not just part of the journey, but it is the journey. Just like in life, failure can only make one stronger. But what does this mean for you, the one hiring the musician? Well, it means that this person you are working with has failed so many times, but because of that, they are a better person and artist. The performance you are about to see? It’s been failed multiple times, but in a way, the failure makes it all the more beautiful. 

How Will You Change Your World?

So, how excited are you now that you know that the musician you are hiring is probably one of the most mature, hardworking, and understanding people out there? They know that failure is a part of life, but excellence is always the goal. But that doesn’t make them any less willing to work with you, in fact, it’s quite the opposite…they’re excited to work with you! Check out our full list of musicians that can’t wait to perform at your next event by going to The Grable Group website today! 

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