How to Pick the Best Music for Different Types of Business Events

Written by Tim Grable

October 28, 2017

Working as an event planner grants you the opportunity to organize dozens of types of business events. 

Larger or smaller in scale, typical or more original, employee or company-driven…you may have seen it all.

One of the common denominators of each one is the music. What soundtrack you choose can make your event average or unforgettable. We are not talking about magic tricks or crazy-famous headliners, but about the way music or a music act can create a defining atmosphere throughout your event.

This article will explore a few types of business events, what kind of music they require and recommendations for artists who might fit the bill.

Company Milestones

When a company has achieved an accomplishment at an organizational level, you know a company party is about to unfold.

Because this party will have to convey a professional vibe while also ensuring everyone will have fun, you need a music act which brings something new. Something to appeal to a well-versed audience which knows how to let their hair down in a classy way.

Good news is, The Grable Group has just the right people for this job: Ice Beat Factory.

Ice sculpting meets powerful percussion meets visual elements on top of that? Seems like a proper way to celebrate company achievements.

How to Pick the Best Music for Different Types of Business Events

Appreciation Events

There comes a time when company owners show appreciation for the work their staff put in. Alternatively, they might need to thank a bunch of valuable partners, suppliers or shareholders.

So the event required by these circumstances is a small scale one. More so, it gathers people who are close to the company, so it is easier to cater to their tastes. That does not mean you can bring any lower-rated performer.

On the contrary.

You will be aiming for daring choices, and when it comes to musicians, we would say The Bucket Boys fit the bill quite satisfactorily.

To be more exact, though, we have to mention they do not deliver only flawless progressive beats, but comedy interludes as well.

Product Launches

In a way, product launches are in themselves accomplishments an organization can achieve.

However, product launch parties are a bit different from company milestones in that they have a more heterogeneous attendance and you need to be more careful with your pick.

That said, a classy yet spectacular pick is the powerful trio String Angels who’ll remaster hits using their string playing skills and unmatched stage presence.

Meetups/Networking Events

In this case, it is pretty clear music needs to create that ice-breaking moment to facilitate and trigger networking.

networking, business meeting

A music-based concept which could help you get this effect is the one developed by rePercussion.

They perform interactive drumming but also add a bit of extra flavor through their comedic bits.

Charity Events

For these types of business events, a comedic percussion act like the one above may sound fun, but it does not exactly convey the vibe required by a fundraiser.

What you need as a musical performance has to be inspiring and uplifting – something like the vocals of  Bobby Hill – the opera child prodigy who’s performed even in front of the Pope.

Nail All Types of Business Events with the Right Music Choice

Regardless of the event specifics, you will always need a solid music background to support the ambiance and carry it forward.

If you want to choose from the best, feel free to leaf through the Grable Group list of performers and then head straight to booking them for your event.

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