How to Pick the Right Music for Your Event – with Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

July 1, 2018

Organizing an event can be a difficult task. After all, there are so many things to consider whether it is the venue, the décor, the entertainment.

However, music is that one aspect which should never be overlooked. So any professional event organizer will tell you to go out of your way when you pick the right music.

Imagine that through music you set the mood, atmosphere and give your audience a sensory experience to tie in with the whole event. Simply put, the benefits which will result from this can’t be ignored.

Our tips and suggestions will help you ease the effort and maybe even enhance the experience.

How to Pick the Right Music for Your Event - with Ideas

Recorded Music Is Good, but Musicians Are Better

It is important not to leave an “empty space” between the important moments of the event.

Create a playlist which should serve as an interlude and give your audience the much-needed breather. Or, pick the right music which has that something to help them better adjust to the event.

However, tread carefully, and you would want to avoid making a generic “feel good” ambiance, as this doesn’t establish an emotional connection.

As a result, the sure-fire way to your audience’s heart is by employing live musicians to play at your event. You could either aim for a band which performs a specific genre or go for a cover band entirely, as people often love to request songs. So that’s an excellent opportunity to capitalize on.

Tim Hockenberry is the perfect man to fit into this category. His repertoire consists of cover songs from the likes of Ray Charles, John Lennon, and Joe Cocker. You can hear him for yourself, in the video below.

His musical talent is beyond mere descriptions, and his proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist makes him fit into many guest-lists like a glove.

Make the Music Part of the Program

Often – during meetings, conferences, and seminars – music is used as filler during the break. Also, this can be a missed opportunity to create a memorable experience.

Pick the right music for the theme, and if you decide to go for a live band as your musical choice, why not take it a step further?

Pitch a musician’s name directly on the main schedule and promise the audience that the performance will be one they’ll never forget. It’s a smart tactic to surprise the audience and exceed their expectations.

Here’s the perfect example, where nobody knew what to expect, and the musician managed to win the entire crowd!

Laura Bretan is an opera singer who touches the audiences with her soulful performance. This young lady takes everyone by surprise, as they never expect her to reach such high notes.

Laura is a top competitor on many talent-shows, as far as reaching the quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent. And even went as far as to get first place in the 6th season of Romania’s Got Talent.

She is the perfect choice to steal the show!

Pick the Right Music: It’s Live!

There is no better way to set the tone of the event than through the use of music. That is why you should go the extra mile with it and push for your event to become an experience worth remembering.

We are The Grable Group, and if our musicians inspired you to turn your event into an exciting experience, then you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to book them now!

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