Here’s Why Marc Eckel Is the Perfect Entertainer for Christian Events

Written by Tim Grable

July 13, 2017


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It is always empowering when someone can get back to the values he was raised into.

A Christian entertainer does just that – and Marc Eckel is on our radar in this article.

Because what Marc does is not just entertainment, but also a mission. His sense of devotion, deeply nourished by the Christian environment, is now being used to spread the faith in ministry acts.

In what follows, you will meet a real character and a multifaceted individual who masters the art of pure, righteous and uplifting entertainment.

Marc Eckel – The Profile of a Ministry Extraordinaire

Former General Motors illustrator, Marc is a multitalented individual who’s managed to channel his long-cultivated faith into preaching the Christian word in one of the most entertaining and awe-inspiring manners.

Marc realized the importance of serving God by honing his graphic artist endowed talent.

As a member of the Baptist Church, he focuses on praising Jesus within topics like:

  • the holy sacrifice
  • the love of Jesus Christ
  • the glory of Our Savior

Crafting a One-of-a-kind Art Concept

Marc Eckel is one of those Christian entertainers that proves innovation and is often encountered within the clean entertainment industry. It can spark change and novelty just like any other genre.

What Marc managed to do with his talent is a performance concept called The Splat Experience. 

Here's Why Marc Eckel Is the Perfect Entertainer for Christian Events


With his design background, it was not hard for Marc to craft the visuals and work towards delivering an outstanding display of meaningful art.

What he does with this performance art concept implies a particular coordination of skill sets.

On the one hand, he has to come up with an idea and a list of words which will comprise the background. Of course, the words are carefully selected so as to inspire a Christian audience and to match the topic of the act.

On the other hand, Marc has to coordinate his movements when applying the paint onto the large panel in front of him. He has to do it quickly, swiftly and in an engaging manner. With his innate sense of proportion, Marc manages to spread the painting materials evenly from one touch and to use nothing but his bare hands.

To cap this whole act off, Marc packages it with inspirational Christian music in the background.

What the participants will see, once the work is ready, is a panel displaying a holy figure, full of light and peace, with the background music still playing. This is a perfect invitation to further meditation and prayer.

Marc Eckel and Splat Experience - Above All

The Splat Experience is, ultimately, the strongest testimony to how Jesus can be worshiped in ways we have not previously thought.

Once you see what this ministry art looks like, you will not want to miss it since it is a rare opportunity to instill even more faith.

Marc’s Worship Presentations Are Both Refreshing and Pious

Inspiring devotion is no small task to accomplish. However, thank God, artists like Marc Eckel are truly godsend to fulfill this holy mission.

Marc’s art will:

  • bring your community closer
  • cultivate devotion
  • spark a pensive vibe

Booking this amazing Jesus painter is just one click away if you choose to contact us right away.

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