Top 6 Music Acts You Can Book for an Engaging Corporate Gala in 2020

Deborah and Wayland Double Grande

Written by Tim Grable

April 7, 2018

Some corporate events have a more quantifiable or immediate goal (i.e., sales). Some others, however, are designed with a long-term prospect in mind because they have to do with a broader impact on your company’s brand.

These have to be approached differently, and so the entertainment segment will hold a much more significant role: music acts, variety performances, comedy bits – each act has to be picked thoroughly, so it highlights the direction you want to take with the event.

Choosing the type of music to hire for an event should not be done at random because there are certain aspects you need to consider before making the selection.

The following criteria will help you identify what type of music group will best fit the kind of event you’re organizing:

  • Who is my audience? Generally, specific groups of people will lean towards a specific type of music. For example, people that are in their 20’s may be more into a band that performs high-energy, modern songs, while those that are in their 50’s may very well enjoy a band that sings covers from the 80’s. Be sure to take the profile of the attendees into account before choosing the music.
  • What’s the venue like? Before getting excited about hiring a band that has five members, it’s important to see if the venue is suitable for their act. The same thing applies if you consider hiring a DJ or a duo act – making sure that the venue will be able to integrate the performers or to allow the participants to hit the dance floor.
  • What’s the event’s theme? A special dinner, a gala, or an award show will usually require a different music act than a holiday party, product launch, or corporate event. The former can focus on having background, classical music, whereas the latter ones can go bolder and feature energetic bands.

3 Music Acts That Will Leave Your Guests Wanting For More

Now that we’ve walked you through the main aspects to consider before selecting music acts, it’s time to make some recommendations that will leave your guests wanting for more.  Here, we will be dealing with the music choices and will be highlighting 6 of the finest music groups you can hire for a corporate gala or high-profile event.

1. String Angels

String Angels are the world’s leading electric string trio and are experts at bringing the classic songs into the 21st century via a one-of-a-kind show.

The three beautiful girls provide a fully choreographed show and interactively use their electric violins – they get up close and personal with the audience.

If you have a special event coming out and you want to impress the guests, String Angel’s act is a perfect choice. The show is full of energy, it’s sophisticated, and can also be customized to suit your event’s needs.

2. DJ Drums

DJ Drums is one of the most sought-after music acts in the event industry. The high-energy duo blurs the line between a traditional DJ and a live band, which makes them perfect for a variety of different events, from corporate to private parties.

The band can cater to every client’s needs, and it can provide top-notch live entertainment thanks to the unique combination of DJ-ing and drums.

3. Backtrack Vocals

This band is a five-person a capella group that uses unique vocal arrangements, tight harmonies, and world-class beatboxing to entertain all kinds of audiences.

The members of the band go even further and create amazing covers of old and current pop music. At the same time, they write beautiful original compositions and are not afraid to take on music genres such as electronic or classical.

Backtrack Vocals’ performances are unique, highly-energetic and interactive so the band can easily impress your audience.

4. Deborah and Wayland Double Grande

Two pianos and two amazingly skilled, Grammy-awarded performers are the main ingredients of Deborah and Wayland’s music acts.

As if complete mastery of their craft was not enough, the two musicians rounded up their act with storytelling, humor and also keynote content.

In short, they not only bring entertainment but can also convey a message using all their skills combined. After all, they can be trusted with creating the finest kind of entertainment due to their experience with producing 7 musicals.

Deborah and Wayland Double Grande, Top 3 Music Acts You Can Book for an Engaging Corporate Gala

If it were to mention their achievements separately, it is worth specifying:

  • Deborah is an elite producer, author, composer and motivational speaker
  • Wayland is an awarded showman and musician, someone who is used to appearing in the company of Jay Leno, Dick Van Dyke or Lee Greenwood.

Together, they form a legendary duo who presents classic hits in new arrangements. Their act will not only sound as good as it gets, but it will also add prestige to your corporate gala.

5. Figaro

At a corporate gala, one of the leading challenges is to keep everything classy, while also adding a bit of a twist.

This winning mix can be achieved if you pick musical acts which are based on a fusion concept.

The 4-member pop-opera group Figaro does precisely this: they take easily recognizable classic opera pieces and add pop rhythms to them. The result is a performance which will both engage and intrigue.

6. Nova Era

In the same lane of reinvented music acts, one can find Nova Era, the classical music ensemble which will mesmerize your guests.

First, they will grab the attention with the spectacular period costumes which will seem like coming straight out of 18th-century aristocratic salons. Then, they will complete the experience by playing either covers from classical composers or original instrumental pieces of their own.

This will set the tone for an immersive musical experience, with each guest savoring the soothing sounds of classical music played with electronic instruments.

Nova Era advances a winning blend of atmosphere, class and visual elements to complement the top-tier music they produce.

Find the Most Refined Music Acts for a Flawless Corporate Gala

Music is a safe choice for an event as long as you consider the aspects we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Your audience should matter the most in your selection process which goes hand in hand with the type of event you’re organizing.

Plan carefully, book in advance and reap the benefits of offering your guests a night they will cherish and tell others about.

To make sure the music act of your choice does not slip through your fingers, fill in this form and The Grable Group team will get back with the information you need.

Until then…have a productive time crafting your gala!

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