Looking for a Great Musician for Youth Events? Lindee Link Should Be Your No.1 Choice

Lindee link

Written by Tim Grable

September 25, 2017

Youth events are hard to pull off. Not because they follow different organizing rules, but because teens are hard to please. So to achieve success, your best option would be to book a musician who has things in common with the audience. The solution: Lindee Link.

She is a young and talented musician with great wit and a beautiful voice. She also has much experience on stage and can entertain young audiences like nobody else. Additionally, young audiences should already know her work because she is quite famous online.

Keep reading to learn more about Lindee Link and why she should be your number one choice if you are looking for a musician for youth events.

From Little Girl to Pop Star

Lindee was born in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a child, she and her family had to move from town to town because her dad was in the military. As you can imagine, it was rather hard to make friends, since she would not stay too much in one place.

So she focused all her energy and talent into singing. Her love for music was so pure she got her first gig at the tender age of eight: a session vocalist for the popular “Veggie Tales” series.

Lindee Link continued developing her musician career and had some great achievements on her ‘resume’ up until she became 12:

  • Contracted by Music Theater International to sing in “The Disney Collection.”
  • Her voice can be heard on Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats and Sleeping Beauty.

Looking for a Great Musician for Youth Events? Lindee Link Should Be Your No.1 Choice

Lindee Link – from Singer to Songwriter

She did not stop there and took things one step further. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, she started writing her songs.

By the age of 13 years old, she had already written, recorded and published her first EP on iTunes. Then, she had her first major performance in front a crowd of 3.000 people: a corporate party for Delta Air Lines.

In 2011, Lindee Link launched her YouTube channel, which became a major success right from the start. She now has over 10 million views and 100.000 subscribers.

She then got a role in VH1’s show pilot “Teen Pop Star.”

Next came a performance slot for GirlaPalooza and an offer from Mojang to sing parody songs for their popular online video game (Minecraft) community. They loved Lindee’s voice and talent so much, she became a featured performer at their annual convention in the following three years.

Why Should You Book Lindee Link

Even if she is young, Lindee has the experience to turn any youth event into a successful one. Her songs and looks are relatable to teens and catchy enough to be enjoyed even by older audiences.

Lindee brings to the stage uniqueness and raw talent which will please both the ear and eyes of your guests. Her songs are so appreciated that one of them will even be featured in a movie:

MY SONG IS IN A MOVIE!! Worthless ft. Quinton Aaron & Tara Reid
she is sensible to others’ problems. Lindee Link recently collaborated with other YouTubers and artists to create ‘Mine Song,’ aimed at helping an organization to continue its work towards helping homeless people.

To book Lindee as entertainment for your youth event, you only need to get in touch with The Grable Group. We are a professional booking agency working with many talents and artists who can make your event a resounding success.

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