See how Sand Art can actually Help a Non Profit Raise Money

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Written by Tim Grable

March 18, 2017

See how Sand Art can actually help a non profit raise money Joe Castillo uses SandStory Art to help a non profit raise money and communicate their mission to donors. The screen is dark. A moment later where nothing existed, a deft hand begins to create, and a picture emerges from the darkness. Music plays and the audience become captivated as the dark screen becomes a picture against a backdrop. This artistry is the work of premier SandStory artist and America’s Got Talent finalist, Joe Castillo.

How does Joe Castillo help a non profit raise money?

One day, years ago, on a trip to his town’s home improvement store, Joe saw a bag of spilled sand. His imagination saw something more. He brought home a bag of sand, a light fixture, a sheet of glass and legs. He created his first light table, poured out the sand, and his artistry kicked in.

Today, Sand Artist Joe Castillo presents his art around the world to audiences awed by the emotion he evokes with his ability to not only create illustrations in the sand but also to tell inspirational stories.

Light changes colors, dims to hide or lightens to highlight different aspects of the presentation as Castillo works his magic with nothing more than his fingers and thumbs, hands and, on occasion, his arm. He sweeps across the surface with hands that command attention as his firm strokes create sand pictures of depth and feeling. As Castillo works, he draws one illustration from another in ways that seem impossible.

With each illustration, Castillo tells a story with such clarity the audience requires no added text explanations. As the audience follows the story told, they sit forward in anticipation, wondering how Castillo will rework each illustration until something else emerges.

No words, spoken or otherwise, are needed for the audience to understand or to feel the richness and depth of the story and the emotion behind it. Joe Castillo’s presentations combine music, light and sand into an unforgettable and moving experience not soon forgotten.

Joe Castillo developed this SandStory presentation to highlight the need for poor children around the world and to help Compassion International a non profit raise money

Mixing sand and light, pictures are formed and reformed into ever changing shapes and images that tell visually powerful stories. Set to music, these images inspire, challenge and motivate in a captivating way. This art performance is done live and projected on screens for a powerful and standing ovation experience!

World Premier SandStory artist, Joe Castillo moves audiences by his presentations. Using a light table and sand, Castillo tells a story by painting pictures. Like turning the pages of a picture book, Castillo turns one illustration into a different one with the swipe of an arm, the manipulation of his fingers or a wipe with his thumbs. His presentations draw the audience into a wonderland of light, sand and story.

From humorous to inspirational, Castillo invites his audience on a journey that leaves them awed with his ability to convey the subject matter through his illustrations in sand.  In no other presentation does Castillo’s heart so come through than in his performance of the House of Ruth. Unlike most of his presentation videos, in this one, Joe Castillo begins with an explanation and an appeal. This presentation is to help a non profit raise money for only the second safe house available in Belize for women and children caught in the cycle of domestic abuse. It is called The House of Ruth. Belize, a country on the northern Caribbean coast of Central America.

Joe Castillo developed House of Ruth presentation to clearly presents the need and his artistry come through as he shares the need through ever changing illustrations that draw the audience deeper into the story and the heart of hope.

The background music reflects and deepens the subject matter portrayed as does the play of light and shadow used with such a deft hand. Castillo’s hands take care in creating his illustrations with one growing naturally and almost miraculously from the previous one. His attention as he works shows a depth of emotion and heart with which the audience cannot help but identify.

For more information on booking Joe Castillo call 615-283-0039.

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