Nova Era Music Group: When Live Music Is More Than Entertainment

Nova Era

Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Try to imagine a company event without music. It would feel like a meeting or a conference. Not that it’d be boring or unpleasant, but where’s the entertainment vibe?

So, there’s a good reason why event planners always try to get the best live music for corporate events.

However, depending on the company profile and the type of event, ” the best live music” could mean a lot of different things.

But in most cases, it equals originality – something you can find plenty of when you hear – and see – Nova Era Music Group. Get to meet the musicians in this classical yet modern music ensemble.

Who Are They?

Even though you’d say they come straight from an 18th-century painting, Nova Era started its activity in 1999. This string quartet was founded by composer and producer Andres Roca and oboist Maria Luisa Coppelli.

The concept Roca started to implement is best described by the word “fusion.” On the one hand, it’s classical music, while on the other hand, it’s contemporary arrangements. 

The cello, oboe, and violin create that timeless harmony. In the background, drums, keyboard, and electric bass are the modern counterparts to balance it out.

Here’s Andres Roca talking about the concept:

How can this concept work so well? Skilled, classically-trained musicians is the answer. They are the ones who make two musical worlds come together seamlessly.

Their style has graced the ears of many Americans and Europeans once popular demand started to grow.

What Makes Their Music Distinctive?

At first glance, the pieces in the Nova Era Music Group repertoire are no different from a philharmonic orchestra program. But their discography – which amasses a total of eight CDs – has plenty of original or covers to discover:

  • Disney tracks
  • Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven arrangements
  • Christmas songs
  • Original compositions

An illustration of their skill is displayed in this performance featuring Pachelbel’s Canon:

If you check their Facebook page, you’ll see loads of comments about the unforgettable experience they offer. Attributes like “magical” or “enchanting” are the perfect testimony to the Nova Era craftsmanship.

Or, you can hear them live Thursdays through Sundays at Disney Resorts in Bay Lake, Florida.

Nova Era has an all-time appeal that enables them to still perform consistently after 18 years of activity. That is enough of a reason to consider Nova Era a suitable option as live music for corporate events.

Nova Era Music Group for Corporate Events

Have you ever felt transported to another time? That is the exact feeling you get at a Nova Era performance which has the musicians dressed up in period costumes and powdered wigs.

Not to mention, classical music creates soothing sounds that alleviate the stress of corporate life. It’s not just us who say that, but scientific research itself.

Nova Era Music Group: When Live Music for Corporate Events Is More Than Entertainment

With some other music bands, you may be worried they won’t fit in with the theme of your event. But this classical music group conveys a timeless vibe that’s hard to equal.

You’d be surprised to learn how many people enjoy this kind of live music for corporate events – especially when it’s tailored to modern tastes and packaged so thoroughly.

A Nova Era act won’t be appreciated only by classical music enthusiasts. Everyone will relish in the captivating atmosphere and become fans for sure. 

These being said, you may begin to understand why Nova Era is worth your attention – particularly if you want to organize a truly memorable event.

Contact us here to book Nova Era Music Group for a memorable entertainment at your event.

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