3 Original Entertainers You Need to Know About

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Written by Tim Grable

January 2, 2019

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Do you want to impress your audience with top-notch entertainment? Then it would help if you considered hiring the best original entertainers in the industry.

It’s not uncommon for people to correctly remember how they felt on a specific day, especially if a particular event or a person made they feel extremely joyful or, on the contrary, extremely unhappy.

You want your event to fall into the first category, so your guests will remember how amazing it was and tell other people about it, as well.

3 Original Entertainers You Need to Know About

Here are three original entertainers we recommend booking for special event guests will love to remember.

1. Chris Bliss

Chris Bliss is indeed a unique, insightful and timely comedian. In his junior year at the University of Oregon, he dropped out and told this father he wanted to become the world’s most famous juggler.

The truth is he didn’t mean it at the time; he just thought it was a fun thing to do compared to becoming a lawyer.

Ironically enough, he did become one of the most talented jugglers in the world and even opened for Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson in his Victory Tour.

After achieving success as a juggler, Chris turned to comedy and became a headline attraction at some of the best comedy venues in the United States.

Nowadays, he combines comedy with his breathtaking juggling skills and takes entertainment to a whole other level.

In the video below, you can see a viral video of him in which he juggles to Beatles songs.

2. Josh Casey

Josh Casey’s shows can best be summed up like this: interactive comedy, juggling entertainment packed with laughs, volunteers and a fun stand-up comedy vibe.

If your guests don’t believe juggling can be extremely entertaining, then Josh will help change their minds.

His show is unique, interactive, enthusiastic and customized for your event. Moreover, you can count on Josh to provide a 100% clean show, appropriate for any audience.

He has been doing this for more than 20 years, which means he has accumulated plenty of experience, so he’s able to adapt to any situation and always deliver his signature, best in class entertainment.

Watch the video below to see what makes Josh stand out and why people love him.

3. Dave Dugan

Dave Dugan has accumulated more than 20 years of experience working as a corporate comedian, keynote speaker, and emcee.

The best thing about Dave is the fact he takes the time to customize his comedy shows for each performance to best fit each audience, group or company.

He can even start your event as an impostor. This means he will be introduced as an expert or a new hire in an upper management position who has some crazy ideas.

You can help create the scenario, come up with believable bio and he’ll seamlessly play the role. It will be so much fun watching your guests’ reactions as they try to figure this guy out.

In the video below, you can see Dave making his audience laugh out loud as he talks about family and loopholes.

Original Entertainers Are the Best Pick for a Special Event

If you want to organize a successful event, then you need to ensure you’ll have high-quality entertainment so your guests can enjoy themselves and have something to talk about long after the event is over.

These three original entertainers will do everything in their power to turn your event into a memorable one.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to book any of them.

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