3 One of A Kind Performances from Some of the Most Amazing Painting Artists

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Written by Tim Grable

November 16, 2018

Since time immemorial, painters have always captivated the masses with their outstanding works of art.

Fast forward to today, and the world still gasps at the sight of an incredible piece of visual art.

Nowadays, some incredible performers incorporate painting in their unique acts. Also, they put on some of the most incredible performances ever seen.

Witnessing such masterclass of work is something that people won’t forget. If you are looking to offer an unforgettable experience at your event, then we suggest you get an act that incorporates visual art.

3 One of A Kind Performances from Some of the Most Amazing Painting Artists

The following lines showcase a few artists that go above and beyond with this type of performance. Let’s get started!

Heidi Schwartz

A live event can be an amazing social experience. Outside the realm of cameras and digital photos, Heidi Schwartz manages to capture the moment in a unique way – via live event painting.

To her, the people, the decor, and the atmosphere of the event serve as inspiration. You can say that her performances come in many colors, no pun intended.

A few brush strokes later and she captures the candid moment in a way that photographs cannot.

Your guests will enjoy watching her painting come to life, one brush stroke after another. Especially, when they are a part of the whole act.

Check her performances in the following video:

Jessica Haas

Jessica is the first female speed painter in America. She discovered during her teen years that visual art doesn’t have to be long-winded. Beautiful works of art can be created in 90 seconds.

Speaking of 90 seconds, that’s how long she needed to gain attention as a visual artist.

It happened in 2013, during the Miss Tennessee pageant, where Jessica was participating. There, she displayed her speed painting talent to impress both the judges and the audience. As a result, she won the competition.

Her performances are filled with energy and not only do they showcase her outstanding skills but also her fantastic showmanship. The attendants will marvel at her display of high-octane painting.

Find out more about Jessica Haas by clicking the following video:

The Art of Everyone Project

Nobody is born an artist, but everybody can become one. In this day and age, with a combination of old-school techniques and technology, the Art of Everyone aims to bring out the artist in all of us.

This project brings a new amazing concept – to showcase how everyone can be a great artist.

The guests of the Art of Everyone project start in front of a blank canvas. They are invited to pick up a brush, and all they need to do is follow instructions.

The fun part is barely starting. The canvas itself is made of a transparent and permeable fabric that allows the paint to go through it, basically creating a two-sided painting.

On one side, anyone from the audience can fill in the shoes of the painter, without any painting skills. That’s because, on the other side, there’s a professional artist who, with the help of a laser pointer, will guide the guests and their brush strokes.

Click on the following video to get a better grasp of what Art of Everyone truly represents:

Want to See More Amazing Performances?

The artists featured in this article will offer your guests a unique experience. So do not miss the chance to book them for your event.

However, if you are interested in finding other types of talents, then we can gladly help you as well. Find performers that fit your preferences by browsing our online catalog or call (615) 283-0039, and we will happily assist!

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