These Amazing Performances from World of Dance Are Hard to Forget

Performances from World of Dance

Written by Tim Grable

November 14, 2019

Although it’s only been around for three seasons now, NBC’s smash competition show “World of Dance” has provided us with plenty of memorable performances that are sure to go down in television-dance-show history.

In this article, we’ve included four such performances from World of Dance, which stood out from the rest and left a lasting impression on both the judges and viewers at home.

Sit back and enjoy it!

These Amazing Performances from World of Dance Are Hard to Forget

1. Poppin John

Poppin John left his mark on the competition, not only as a hip-hop soloist but as a popper.

Popping, which is a branch of hip-hop, is defined by quick, staccato movements that cause a jerk in the dancer’s body and make it seem as if the performer is not a human, but a robot that has taken human form.

Besides being able to hit every single beat perfectly, Poppin John proved he is also a master storyteller with his act captured below.

His routine was a reminder dance routine is about more than just showcasing beautiful art through the power and manipulation of the human body. It’s also about conveying a human experience to cultivate emotion.

Take a look:

2. Radiance

Radiance is a fierce, all-female contemporary team that was praised for its energy on stage, creative choreography, and clean execution.

The group came together specifically to compete on the World of Dance stage, so they came prepared and ready to make an impression and become a household name in the entertainment industry.

Choreographed by one of Jennifer Lopez’s dancers, Randince’s routines emphasized the group’s technical skill and musicality – and featured intricate movements to create incredibly unique shapes.

Here’s one of their performances from World of Dance you’ll probably want to watch more than once.

3. Ellie & Ava

Throughout the competition, sisters Ellie & Ava mesmerized the judges and viewers at home with their intricate routines, synchronicity, and technical brilliance.

But perhaps the one thing people loved most about the lyrical duo was their unbelievable elegance on stage, and their ability to appear both vulnerable and incredibly strong at the same time.

This has to be one of the most graceful performances from World of Dance. Take a look:

4. Briar Nolet

Despite competing as a solo acrobatic dancer, Briar Nolet managed to be just as spectacular as larger groups, which have the capacity for more magnificent tricks and more elaborate formations.

Her routines on the show were always impactful, surprising, and emotionally powerful, and Briar managed to make it into the finals of the competition.

In the video below, you can see one of her most praised performances from the show.  The choreography showcased Briar’s musicality and sensuality. Check it out:

Enjoyed Watching These Performances from World of Dance?

Whether it was the emotionally-strong narrative, the complexity of the moves or the technical skill displayed, each one of the dance acts featured in this article had something which made it impossible to forget.

And if watching them has opened up your appetite for next-level dance performances, then we recommend you also check out this article featuring some of the best dance acts from America’s Got Talent.

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