Want to Send a Powerful Message? 3 Talented Artists

Heidi Schwartz Live Event Painter

Written by Tim Grable

November 9, 2018

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Throughout history, talented artists have relied on visual art to communicate and express themselves without needing words. That hasn’t changed.

Art remains one of the best vehicles for conveying powerful messages which make a lasting impact. And because art is an expression of emotion, people are more likely to resonate with this method of communication compared to a PowerPoint presentation, for example.

So if you’re looking for a captivating yet meaningful way to get a powerful message across at an event, we suggest an act which incorporates visual art.

Here are a few examples of artists who do this brilliantly:

1. Joe Castillo (Sand Art)

Joe Castillo is one of those talented artists who manage to leave their audience in complete awe. Using light, sand, music and his magnificent skills, Joe creates magical stories in which the audience is instantly immersed.

With a few gentle finger streaks and swirls, the sand takes the shape of a person, of nature and everything else you can think of. In Joe’s stories, the shape of the sand is continuously changing, depicting different life scenarios and messages.  So the only limit is that of imagination.

This fluid nature of sand combined with Joe’s immense creative power means his acts are highly-customizable. In his sand stories, Joe can include the messages you want guests to remember long after the event has come to an end.

Here’s one of Joe Castillo’s stunning sand animations, a custom sand-story he created for the brand IHOP:

2. Heidi Schwartz (Live Event Painting)

Want to Send a Powerful Message? Consider These 3 Talented Artists

Live event painting is all about capturing the essence of an event through brush strokes, shapes, and color. And Heidi Schwartz is one of the most talented artists you can book for this.

In her paintings – which she creates on the spot – Heidi captures elements of the entire event, starting with the decor and guests and ending with important moments and messages.

This is a beautiful way to bring your event to life for all time. Also, guests will surely enjoy witnessing how a single brush stroke can evolve into an amazing piece of art which was, in part, inspired by them.

3. Art of Everyone Project (Laser-Guided Speed Painting)

Laser-guided speed painting is an innovative technique created by the Art of Everyone Project.

The concept blends art with technology to create a unique experience which allows everyone to express themselves through art. No technical skills or special abilities are required.

So how does this work? It all starts with a blank canvas with the guest on one side and a professional artist on the other. The professional artists will never touch the canvas; their role is to guide the guest with their voice and a laser point.

The unique technique used by Art of Everyone allows the paint used on canvas to push through, which creates a two-sided painting.

The entire experience is genuinely engaging. What’s more, it speaks volumes on the power of collaboration, teamwork, and sharing.

You can learn more about the process which allows regular people to create real works of art by watching the video below.

An Easy Way to Book Talented Artists for Your Events

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