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Written by Tim Grable

April 26, 2017

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Eric Dittelman is a professional mind reader. He has a knack for mesmerizing audiences with his Eric Dittelman professional mind readerability to read minds. With his conservative glasses and a loose-fitting shirt, Dittelman gets up on stage and plays with people’s minds, so to speak.

Dittelman is an entertainer with a one of a kind act that has earned him a semi-final place on the hit show, America’s Got Talent. His act consists of light-hearted comedy, mind reading and improvisational humor. The act may be what won him a place on the show, but his story is equally compelling.

Eric Dittelman began his career as a choir director after finishing college. His lifelong love of comedy soon compelled him to take a different path. He gave up life on his own and moved back in with his parents. He lived from paycheck to paycheck, doing the rounds at comedy bars, college campuses, and events in pursuit of his dream.

Becoming a professional mind reader

It was at college that Dittelman indeed began to perfect his entertainment skills. There, he would often perform at various locations on campus. He was also a member of different improvisation and sketch troupes at school. However, after graduating, Dittelman decided to combine his comedy talents with a love of mystery performance, to become the unique entertainer and professional mind reader he is today.

While performing, Dittelman has been known to play Pictionary with his audience, as well as imaginary charades. Sometimes, audience members will have personal thoughts revealed from their minds. In other words, audience members become a part of the performance each night Dittelman performs. Even if, you are a skeptic, it is hard not to be amazed by the way Dittelman turns his showman instincts into a memorable evening as a professional mind reader.

Though some would say Dittelman’s choices seemed risky, he struck gold after auditioning for America’s Got Talent. AGT is known for skyrocketing performers to stardom with its high viewership and lucrative awards for winners. Widespread exposure on national television is invaluable for artists.

Eric grew up in Westborough, Massachusetts and has an interest in improvisational comedy. He makes his living entertaining college audiences, private functions, and comedy clubs. His act is a mixture of mind reading, improvisational comedy, and stand-up. To further his career, Dittelman recently ventured to Las Vegas to learn under the some of the mastermind readers that entertain there. It was there in Las Vegas that he regularly performed at Wonderground. Furthermore, he practiced his skills at Improv Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dittelman is an excellent example of how pursuing your dreams does not always look heroic. You might end up living at home with your parents, without the typical markers for success like a relationship or a steady paycheck. He has shown that he has what it takes to entertain audiences on a massive scale. He is dedicated to pursuing what he perceives as his true calling: to entertain audiences with illusions and comedy. While his success will hinge upon his opportunities, he is a captivating role model for anyone pursuing their dreams and has a story that invites much discussion about passion and perseverance.

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