How to Raise a lot of Money using Sand Art

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Written by Tim Grable

March 18, 2017

How to Raise a lot of Money using Sand Art

Joe Castillo did not start out as a master at telling stories through sand art helping nonprofit organizations raise money. In fact, his whole career turned on a trip to a home improvement store where he walked by a spilled bag of sand. His imagination took hold, and he purchased a bag of sand and all the items he required to create a light table. From those humble beginnings, Joe Castillo became a master at telling stories through his sand animation.

Telling Your Story with Sand Art is Powerful

Joe Castillo does not simply make pictures. Using his hands and arms, he morphs one illustration into another so smoothly the audience is awed. Each image leads to another in a presentation that tells a story of emotion and depth. As he creates, the play of light and shadow, as well as the musical background, add to the overall impact of the presentation. Joe Castillo’s performances have led him around the world and to the finalist stage of America’s Got Talent.

Joe Castillo does not do what he does simply for acclaim or fame. Castillo recognizes his talent and skill is also a gift that should be used for more than himself. He generously uses his abilities in Sand Art to benefit others.

With his impressive presentations, Castillo captures the pain and sadness of his subjects as well as the great need for so many. As seen in this Gala Sand Art video, Castillo’s work does not end with a presentation of the need, the hurt and the tragedy of childhood illness or other needs, but with hope.

Help for those in need comes from assistance from regular people made aware of the problem of funding or other requirements and who give of their resources of finances or time. The Gala2012 presentation shares stories of real young people with real needs such as cancer or rare conditions that require enormous financial resources for families. There is the story of the teen overcoming cancer and the young girl, with a rare disease, whose father willingly gave his daughter his kidney so she could live.

At first glance, it is hard to imagine that sand art, Joe Castillo, the CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh Penguins, Penguins Foundation, the Mario Lemieux Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation could have anything in common.

Thanks to Castillo, premier sand artist in the world, they could not fit together better. Watch as Castillo smooths and swirls sand across a light board to tell the story of the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation in a way that will keep you transfixed. One image melds into another as scenes of the story flow from beginning to end. The music matches the tale. No words are necessary.

Pay close attention to the details of the story of the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. Castillo brings this same precision to every piece of Sand Animation that flows across his light board. In his gifted hands, Sand Story becomes the perfect medium for maximum impact. Joe Castillo is available to speak and weave one-of-a-kind Sand Stories to your specifications. As the Pittsburgh Penguins, turn your event into something special that will keep people talking and remembering long after the sand has morphed into another story.

It is no surprise that Castillo captured the imagination of the nation and worked his way to the finals of America’s Got Talent by showcasing his ability to bring a story alive in instant animation. His mastery makes one forget it is sand into which he breathes life. His hands and fingers fly over the light board while the projected image of his art mesmerizes the audience.

Performing all over the globe in all 7 continents, over 43 countries, and into 35 different languages.   Castillo takes any story, people, corporation, event, or message and turns it into pure magic. Faces show emotion. Expressions change as the situation changes. By nature, sand shifts blow away and is gone. One thing is sure: when Joe Castillo creates Sand Story, the audience will never forget the experience or the message conveyed. This powerful medium entertains and educates while feeding the soul with the beauty of his artistry.

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