Sand Animation: Make A Memory With Sand Artist Joe Castillo

Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017

Joe Castillo is more than an artist. His work tells a complete story using Sand Animation. Joe is merely the vessel that brings the story to life in sand. Just as we, as human beings, are ever-changing and always moving, so are the sands at Castillo’s fingertips. Gather friends loved ones or potential customers to share in the journey.

Joe Castillo has performed all over the world and has helped bring many companies and products to life right before a live audience’s eyes. Slogans, websites, commercials and billboards can only reach so far into the hearts and minds of observers. To make a lasting, personal relationship with customers, have Joe create something that tells the story of the struggle and the reward. It might take 2 minutes. It might take an hour. At the end of the show, your product or organization has just become a fixture in everyone’s life instead of an annoying billboard they fly past on the highway.

Product Launch Like No Other with Sand Animation

Under the big lights, and on the big stage in New York City, Lincoln unveils their 2013 MKZ product launch, with the class and grace of Joe Castillo’s  telling the story.

Sand Artist Joe has a way of extracting what you feel when you hear the music and translating that to  art. It is a moving and breathtaking experience. Lincoln chose this experience to unveil their New Lincoln MKZ.  The beautiful music, paired with the stunning sand art, is the perfect backdrop for the launch of this beautiful, new automobile. The manufacturer chose an extremely elegant way to introduce this stylish vehicle. There is no doubt whatever feeling you are trying to communicate to your audience Joe Castillo has a new and innovative way of capturing the attention of the viewers and bringing them along on this incredible, artistic journey. The talents of Joe Castillo are sure to delight and astonish viewers of all ages.

Sand Art on AGT (Americas Got Talent)

 Joe Castillo is an incredibly talented artist featured on America’s Got Talent. He uses sand and light as a medium for his one-of-a-kind artwork. This unique form of art, called Sand Animation, is, unlike sand sculpture. It is constantly moving and changing, leaving onlookers in awe.

Castillo spreads the sand across a lightable, creating vivid images. He choreographs these remarkable images to music, creating an art form called SandStory. His SandStory performances never fail to captivate and inspire his audience. Through this astounding talent, he has become the number one SandStory artist in the United States and quite possibly the world.

Sand Animation: Make A Memory With Sand Artist Joe Castillo

Castillo was born in Mexico City and developed a passion for art and storytelling at a young age. He is an author, artist, and storyteller. He holds multiple degrees from the Ringling School of Art and has performed his spectacular SandStory shows for Presidents, Kings, CEOs and a host of other audiences worldwide. Castillo has won numerous awards and was featured in a documentary on PBS.

The Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Sand tells the story, when Joe Castillo joins the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, in a performance of Water, Water Everywhere by composer, William Copper.

Joe Castillo, evokes all of the emotions you feel when live performance sand art is combined with music.  Here he joins the Virginia Symphony Orchestra to perform this beautiful composition. The visions in your head come to life on the screen, as Castillo draws in the sand. Suddenly, the music comes to life. His creativity and talent transform an ordinary pile of sand into an unusual depiction of the music. Perfectly timed to dramatic moments within the composition, so to the dramatic manipulation of the images. It is as if you are dreaming and the vivid picture in your mind is being created before you, by the artist.

Castillo has an incredible talent that can tell any story or enhance any image. Joe Castillo is the human “Etch-a-Sketch”…here to perform, create and amaze audiences of all ages.

Patriotic Sandstory of God Bless the USA

Joe Castillo draws audiences into an experience of light and sound as he performs a Patriotic Sand Art to the music of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” Joe’s performances combine both his skills as an artist and storyteller as he begins to form one illustration after another. He reforms the images to match the music and a message he seeks to convey and does so seamlessly.

Joe Castillo is a speaker from America who has shared his talent, stories, and artwork with audiences for over 30 years. His sand animation, in which he draws images using sand as an art medium, produces detailed illustrations that both motivate and inspire the audience.

Almost before the audience realizes what is happening, Joe Castillo transforms one image into an even more powerful example as he builds to his powerful and awe-inspiring finale. In “God Bless the USA,” Joe forms a face confronted with a flag. With a few deft strokes of his fingers, one face becomes two, both showing respect for the US flag. Subtle red, white and blue lights deepen the emotional impact. The final image of the Statue of Liberty against a background of fireworks makes the heart beat with patriotism.

To book  Joe Castillo call 615-283-0039.

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