The Most Amazing Sand Art Christmas Story

Written by Tim Grable

February 25, 2017

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Sand Art Christmas Story The Christmas Story in the Bible

Tinsel, Gifts, Trees, Carols, and Santa Claus are all fine but, a Sand Art Christmas Story is that very good time to be reminded that the central figure in this event is Jesus. A rare combination of brilliance and message comes from the best sand artist in the world.

Joe Castillo creates an amazing work of sand art to tell the Christmas Story. He has amazed audiences with his Sand Art Christmas Story, sand animation and keynote speaking for over 30 years, producing incredibly detailed illustrations to tell a story. Joe was a finalist on the popular television program ‘America’s Got Talent‘, and he has been seen live on all seven continents, over 43 countries, and in 35 different languages.

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, there is no better time to book top-notch entertainment for your Christmas party. When searching for the perfect entertainment performer, look no further than Joe Castillo. Featured as a finalist of the television show, “Americas Got Talent”, Joe Castillo creates beautiful, magnificent and unique sand art to different musical compilations. While Castillo practices this form of art and entertainment all throughout the year, there is no better time to book a Sand Art performance than during the Christmas season when he creates amazing works of art depicting the birth of Jesus and how the Christmas miracle.

Sand Art Christmas Story The Christmas Story in the Bible

Joe Castillo’s Christmas sand art starts with God giving Mary the gift of a child known as Baby Jesus. Throughout the performance, you will see as the story continues with wise men coming to bear gifts and animals gathering around the manger to welcome Jesus into the world. This sand art entertainment is performed to seasonal Christmas music that helps viewers to get in the holiday spirit and to enjoy the performance that much more. Joe Castillo uses his talent not only to unleash his creative side but also to entertain viewers from around the world who celebrate or are looking to learn more about the Christmas miracle.

About Joe Castillo

In addition to a sand art artists, Joe Castillo is the best-selling author and storyteller. By using his hands, he gives storytelling a whole new meaning and makes it enjoyable for all ages. His sand art acts are performed by only using sand, a light table, music and a projector for his audience to see his artwork as it is being completed.

Joe Castillo was born in Mexico City, and he became interested in art at a very young age. After attending the Ringling School of Art and graduating from Florida Bible College, Joe started an advertising agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. He worked in the advertising industry for 20 years owning his advertising agency. Joe’s extensive experience in advertising and his love for art developed him into a motivational performer, and he has since become the most well-known Sand Animation artist throughout the world.

Joe Castillo presents Sand Art, also known as SandStory, Sand Animation or Sand Painting, by displaying a screen that can be seen by the audience. While he uses sand, music and a light table to create his story, the audience follows along in amazement. Although Joe has been presented in dozens of different languages, his stories told through art are universal for everyone to follow along. Sand Art Christmas Story is one of his most requested SandStories.

In addition to his television performance on ‘America’s Got Talent’, Joe Castillo has performed for numerous Fortune 500 Companies. He has also performed for Chief Executive Officers, dignitaries and kings to showcase his talent. Joe has an incredible passion for utilizing his talent as a storyteller and artist to advocate a company’s message. He has performed at all types of corporate events, including grand openings, new product launches, and company banquets. He can capture the attention of the audience as a different opening to a corporate meeting. Joe has performed for Apple Computers, the Bank of Dubai, Mercedes-Benz, Disney Marketing Group, General Motors and Burger King, among many others.

Joe has received multiple awards for his work throughout the years, and he has been a keynote speaker at many major events. Joe’s clients have described him as an absolute delight to work with and that his performances have exceeded expectations. He is professional, and a joy to be around, and his performances are a hit with audiences across the globe.

With the Christmas season nearly upon us, there is no better time book a Sand Art Christmas Story from Joe Castillo for your special holiday event!

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