See How to use Sand Art to tell a Powerful Story

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Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

See How to use Sand Art to tell a Powerful StoryIn his work Never Forget, A tribute to September 11 Joe Castillo deals with a topic that has defined our age: The World Trade Center attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001 in New York City. In rare and meaningful Sand Art images, Castillo manages to call into focus what made that day such a remarkably tragic — and on the heroic behavior of the men and women who saved the victims of that morning, uplifting — moment in world history.

Amazing Stories using Sand Art

By placing the morning of 9/11 into an artistic medium, Castillo reaches back to the role of global events on art history. Like Picasso’s Guernica, which dealt with attacks on Spain, and the fracturing of artistic styles that emerged in the wake of World War I, Castillo’s piece seems almost haunted by the events forming around the Twin Towers — drawing at that time a human element, as images of citizens — passersby, firemen, a child — are seen, contrasted as they are against the flames and destruction of the buildings. What emerges, in other words, is a message of hope.

When looking for the right performer for your corporate event, you’ll know that you want to set the right tone — and that usually means having a great artist who is also able to entertain guests, while provoking thought-engaging conversation.

If you are looking to wow audiences this year with a performance at an event, look no further than the sand art of Joe Castillo, inventor of SandStory. With his stunning ability to capture the emotions of events both real and imagined, Castillo draws from extensive experience learning this art, which draws from the transient nature of sand, and its malleability in expressing images and meaning.

Castillo, who has cut his artistic teeth performing for audiences in all 7 continents, over 43 countries, and into 35 different languages — including placing as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, and appearing at talks organized by the TED organization — is reaching the peak performance of his life, with the depth of his artistic subject matter reaching new ground and appealing to audiences everywhere.

So if you are planning an event this season and would like to appeal to both the head and heart of your audience, the use of Joe Castillo’s sand art may be just the thing you are looking for. With his distinctive figural style reminiscent of the old masters.

Joe Castillo - Steve Jobs 90

“There are no ordinary people. No such thing as a mere mortal.” -C.S. Lewis

In respectful memory of a man who has always inspired me in the way, my father would have.

This SandStory presentation was produced and edited entirely with Apple products. The song written by Randy Newman was from the Toy Story film by Pixar, which was heavily supported by Steve Jobs. It could not be a better fit.

Joe Castillo has spoken and presented before both world leaders and major corporations. Joe has won the American Entertainment Readers Choice Award and was a finalist in both the 2011 Unique Art Event and the Event Solutions competitions for Entertainer of the Year — Solo and for Rising Star Male. An example of one of Joe’s SandStory performances has been recorded for showing on PBS. Joe’s messages have inspired thousands of people all over the world. Most recently, Joe Castillo performed the SandStory “The Rediscovery of Wonder!” at the 2011 TEDActive Conference and “The Stuff of Life” SandStory creations at the 2011 TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland. Joe Castillo has co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard on a new joint venture, a book entitled “Roadmap to Success.”

Joe Castillo: Phone Wars iPhone 4S vs. Droid X

In another creative sand animation, Joe Castillo has chosen to make the smartphone wars the subject, and iPhone fans everywhere will no doubt be pleased. In the YouTube video, Joe draws two smartphones, the iPhone 4S, and the DroidX then brings them to life with eyes, a mouth, and arms and legs. After drawing the two phones and giving them body parts, Castillo equips them with swords and shields. The iPhone and DroidX then proceed to engage in a brief battle, with the iPhone--spoiler alert--winning in the end by poking out the Droid’s one eye. The iPhone’s defeat of the DroidX is quite comical. In the animation, the DroidX is clearly struggling against the mighty iPhone, a vivid reminder of the odds any of the other smartphones have against ever catching Apple’s sleeker, more intuitive offering. This SandStory presentation was produced and edited entirely with Apple products.

For additional information on booking Joe Castillo call 615-283-0039.

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