Booking Sand Artist Joe Castillo Makes Your Event Unique

Joe Castillo

Written by Tim Grable

May 25, 2017

Joe Castillo is one of the most talented entertainers you could find. He also has a unique life story and an impressive set of skills he uses to create one of a kind performances.

His artistic style is a bit different than what you may expect. Some sing, others paint, but he uses sand to tell inspiring stories.

Joe may be the extra element which would turn your next event into a memorable night for all your guests. Keep reading if you would like to learn more.

Joe Castillo’s Background Story

Joe was born in a family of artists in Mexico. His mother taught painting, while his father ran a graphic design and display company. His artistic career kicked off at the tender age of five when he enrolled in his mother program.

Joe’s art is also influenced and guided by God, ever since he was 14 years old. That divine inspiration can be seen even today, throughout all his sand paintings.

After Joe’s father had passed away, in 1963, the Castillo family moved back to the US. Joe continued his education, got a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and concentrated on his career.

Booking Sand Artist Joe Castillo Makes Your Event Unique

Joe Castillo used his natural talent combined with his love for writing and teaching to become a regular speaker at youth camps and churches. He also has run an advertising agency for over 20 years.

However, life has not been all that friendly with Joe. He lost his wife to breast cancer, a defining moment. He sold his advertising agency, went back to school and graduated from Asbury Seminary.

A Complete Artist with Inspiring Stories

Joe Castillo‘s sand art is more than just an image. It sends a clear message to the audience. It inspires love and kindness, it motivates individuals and touches their hearts.

Drawing in the sand on a light table with an overhead video camera projected on a large screen, he can create powerful, fluid illustrations for large audiences.

Joe’s presentations have amazed thousands of people so far, as seen on CBS, NBC, BBC, and TED. Joe has also been booked by over thirty Fortune 500 companies, Kings, presidents, and dignitaries, in more than 18 countries around the globe.

America’s Got Talent Performance

Joe Castillo was a participant in the 2012th edition of the popular talent show. His performance was simply mind-blowing, and he made it all the way up to the finals.

The judges, the crowd and the viewers at home were utterly mesmerized by the way Joe was ‘telling’ stories and creating art right on the spot.

However, for his final performance at America’s Got Talent, he changed things a bit. Instead of telling a story, he stepped right in the spotlight and drew the three judges, as you can see from the following video:

For What Types of Event Should You Book Joe Castillo?

His art is perfect for corporate events. The message your company wants to send will be perceived in a more meaningful way.

Additionally, Joe is already experienced with performing for companies all over the world, so his experience recommends him.

If you would like to learn more about Joe Castillo or just book his art show, go ahead and get in touch with The Grable Group.

We are a booking agency and entertainment company working with a complex pool of talents.

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