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Written by Tim Grable

February 22, 2017

Move Hearts and Minds with Christian Sand Artist Joe Castillo is an extremely talented Christian Sand artist who does wonders when he works with the medium of sand. Using his hands and his tools, he can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, providing scenery that will captivate visitors and start conversations. When looking for special event entertainment, Christian sand art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this mesmerizing artistic process is gaining popularity, especially among Christian circles. Through the medium of sand, artists tell moving stories by drawing pictures and scenes that fit together to portray a simple message. Could the inspiration of this art come from the passage in John’s gospel about Jesus Christ writing or drawing a message in the sand to answer the accusations of the Pharisees? Sand art plays on the idea that a picture is worth thousands of words. Some artists will use music as background, others change the lighting on their sand table, but either way, the stories they tell are vivid and inspiring. Sand art is also sometimes called sand animation, and artist Joe Castillo has been featured on America’s Got Talent as well as thousands of venues worldwide.

The Christian Sand Artist Joe Castillo

The Least of These

Joe Castillo is a world-renowned storyteller and artist, and this example story is one of the most heartfelt. Christian sand art is a perfect medium for fundraising events, and this particular story focuses on the call for compassion found in Matthew 25.

The passion of Christ

Dramatic choral music and lighting effects draw attention to the story of Jesus’ last hours on earth as told in the gospel accounts. The quiet and thought-provoking tone leave viewers stricken with the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice in a way that words could not express. Castillo’s take on the resurrection is particularly moving for audiences.


With the added element of narration, this Christian sand artist tells the story of the original creation as told in the first chapter of Genesis. This retelling of the origin of the cosmos is particularly intriguing with the black sand on a lighted background, like the atmospheric void punctuated by stars. Other sound effects like waves and wind add to the theatrical impact of this story.

Gadarene Madman

The compelling story of compassion and restoration found in Matthew 8, Mark 5, and Luke 8 is a shorter sand art story told by Joe Castillo, but no less captivating than the others. Its underlying message of freedom and hope is one that every audience can relate to and yearn for. The medium of sand and the artful way in which the artist moves each picture capture the attention like nothing else.

Prodigal Son

Using Sand Art, Joe Castillo brings to life the dramatic story of the Prodigal Son in simple, swift strokes. An honest, talented storyteller, he creates his living, compelling tale using only sand and a light table. A master in the art of SandStory, Joe Castillo brings to life Jesus’ powerful parable of the son who rejected his father in exchange for the world, only to find that happiness found only in the love of the father. The exquisite art form of sand handled by an artist who thoroughly knows the clarity and energy required. Each movement is fascinating, bringing the story poignantly to life. This straightforward story shows the love of Christ, boundless and never-ending on those who reject it.

Sand Art of World-Renowned Christian Sand Artist

Joe Castillo performs his SandStory presentations across the nation. Bring him to your church and reach out to your community by the power of mesmerizing storytelling, God-given talent and the strength of the parable of the Prodigal Son.

As an artist, Joe Castillo uses sand on a blacked pane of glass to create faith-based presentations. One of his lists latest works is a captivating presentation of the story of Christ from birth through the cross. Joe’s artistic ability takes the story from start to finish, leaving the viewer wanting to know more about the miracle of Life coming into flesh and bones.

As Joe Castillo’s hands move across the ever-changing canvas, he transforms the ordinary gray and white medium into the eternal story of the Word, made flesh, to dwell among men. His creative skills will hold an audience’s imagination and attention, and invite them into a deeper conversation about Jesus’ life and what He means in my life.

A Christian sand artist is a unique and inspiring way to win hearts and minds in small or large gatherings in a way that most people have not yet experienced. It’s growing fame is a testament to the way art and pictures move people where words cannot. With a simple light board, music, and tiny grains of sand, audiences can experience familiar stories in a new light. There is no chance that they will walk away unchanged by this timeless art.

Joe Castillo’s artwork can stand alone as people view the canvas he creates with sand. However, this man has taken his work up a notch and turned it into a performance as well that earned him national attention as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Using sand in combination with the light on a table, the images he created from the sand were projected onto a screen. Adding musical accompaniment, Castillo created one image, made it blend into the next, and again until the song was over. Whether he opts for a patriotic theme or a spiritual message, Joe Castillo is a marvel. He can choose a song and a scene that will suit any occasion. Viewers are dazzled by how quickly his fingers fly across the sand and create music. They will hold their breath, waiting to see what will take shape and what story the artist will tell through his creation. When it is over, people are sure to beg for an encore, to watch this consummate artist perform another amazing accomplishment in the sand.

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