3 of the Most Surprising Acts from This Season of America’s Got Talent

Savitsky Cats

Written by Tim Grable

November 20, 2018

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It has been an amazing season on America’s Got Talent. The show has featured some incredible performers from all over the world.

Acrobats, singers, and comedians – to name a few – have gathered to showcase their talent on the big stage.

Among them, there were some performances that no one saw coming. In this article, we will showcase a set of performances on this season of AGT that took everyone by surprise.

Savitsky Cats, 3 of the Most Surprising Acts from This Season of America's Got Talent

Jeffrey Li

Jeffrey Li was one of the most pleasant surprises from this season of AGT. This young singer from Toronto, Canada took the stage by storm with his powerful vocal chops.

Being only 13 years old, many didn’t expect Jeffrey to have such incredible singing skills. However, he quickly turned doubters into believers when he performed a masterful rendition of “You Raise Me” during the auditions.

This particular performance received critical acclaim and became a hit on the internet, raking upwards of 110 million views on Facebook and 50 million views on YouTube.

It was a performance worth millions, and it brought many viewers to tears.

Words cannot adequately describe it. Click the following video and see Jeffrey’s performance for yourself:

Christina Wells

When Christina was born, her mother was told by the doctor that she was an “entertaining baby.” Quite appropriately, she started singing at a very young age. So, it can be said that Christina was born to perform.

Later in life, Christina had to give up singing due to financial reasons. Instead, she focused her energy on becoming a nurse. Her fiery passion for singing never left her heart.

Christina’s life drastically changed when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. During the auditions, she performed amazingly, shattering everyone’s expectations, including those of the judges.

Following her brilliant start, Christina had a successful streak of incredible performances.

She got all the way into the semi-finals of the competition. During that phase, she performed “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin, much to the public’s adoration.

Everything about Christina is inspiring.

Then again, you can see it for yourself.
Click the following video and watch one of her outstanding performances:

Savitsky Cats

The Savitsky Cats is a wish turned reality. It all started with Svitlana dreaming of becoming a lion trainer, yet she turned her attention towards cats. It started with one cat, and it eventually became the supergroup that it is today.

The Savitsky Cats is now a large team consisting of mother Svitlana, daughter Marina, son Misha, and 10 lovable cats.

While Svitlana and her children put much effort into training the kitties, the true stars of the show are, of course, the cats themselves. They perform all sorts of acrobatic acts that many wouldn’t have thought possible.

Over the years, there have been many animal acts on America’s Got Talent, but the show has never featured a performance by cats. So, it was the perfect opportunity for the Savitsky Cats to take the stage.

It turned out to be an immense success. The trainers and their kitties impressed everyone and went on further in the competition.

If the Savitsky Cats caught your attention, then be sure to click the following video to check out their performance:

Work with Performers from America’s Got Talent

This season of AGT showcased some incredible talent. So we can only hope that the next edition will be just as entertaining to watch.

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